Quest:Instance: A Hunter's Charge

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Instance: A Hunter's Charge
Level 30
Type Solo only
Starts with Gytha Lainey
Starts at Adso's Camp
Start Region Bree-land
Map Ref [29.3S, 56.8W]
Quest Group Hunter
Class Hunter
Quest Text

Bestoval Dialogue

'Let us go, <name>, and quickly!, If the Wargs keep their course, they will come upon the town of Overhill -- we must get there first!


You have travelled with Gytha Lainey to the town of Overhill, in the Shire, to defend its people from the ravages of a prowling group of Wargs that have come down from the north.

Objective 1

Gytha Lainey is on the road outside Overhill.

You have come to Overhill with Gytha Lainey to save its people from the danger that threatens them. Gytha is waiting to speak with you about how to proceed.

Gytha: 'It seems that we're not too late, <name> -- we have arrived before the Wargs, but I do not know how long it will be before they reach the town.
'Quickly, run into town and tell everyone you see to go inside their homes and not to come back out until we say the danger has passed. Do not take "no" for an answer, <name> -- their lives may depend in doing what we say.
'I will try and determine how far away the creatures may have come since I lost their trail.'

Objective 2

  • Talk to the people of Overhill
  • Talk to Gytha Langley

The people of Overhill are going about their business, oblivious to the danger that lurks somewhere north of their town.

Gytha has told you to warn the people of Overhill to stay inside their houses until the danger has passed.

Gytha Lainey says, "tell the townspeople to hide inside their homes! I fear time is short!"
Gammer Boffin: 'What's that you said? Wargs? Oh my, what kind of creatures is that? Well, whatever they are, they don't have any business coming to Overhill, and I do't mind saying it!
'It's late, and I was planning on going inside soon anyway. I'll turn in for the night, and I hope that in the morning these creatures will have come to their senses and left Overhill alone!'
Gammer Boffin says, "What a strange night this is!"
Otho Broadbelt: 'Well, you bring disturbing news, <name>, don't you? Of all the times for my cart to run into trouble, too! I'm sure these Wargs you mentioned wouldn't come anywhere near my home on Bree-hill!
'I'll stay with my friend Everard until this blows over. Thanks for letting me know!'
Otho Broadbelt says, "Everard! Do you have room for me to stay tonight?"
Postman Boffin: 'Wargs? What could have ever brought such frightening creatures into the Shire?
'I'm going to go inside at once -- you don't need to tell me twice, not this hobbit!'
Postman Boffin says, "The rest of the mail can wait!"
Hart Holeman: 'Wargs? If these creatures are anything like the big black bear that's caused me no end of grief, they're sure to be fierce!
'I don't want any trouble with none of these Wargs. I'll go inside now, and no questions asked!'
Hart Holeman says, "Thanks for the warning!"
Gytha Lainey: 'Good, you have done well, <name> -- now, at least, the hobbits here should be safe for a time should we fail to stop the Wargs.
'Judging from the direction of their tracks before I lost the trail, the Wargs are surely in the Bindbole Wood by now. Look to the north, and try to stop them before they reach the town! They will have split up by this time, and are surely prowling cautiously southward.
'I will try and stop any that reach the town, <name>, but I am counting on you to defeat as many as you can as they approach -- if too many of the creatures arrive at Overhill at once, I will surely be overwhelmed, and then all hope of stopping the creatures will be gone.'

Objective 3

  • Defeat the intruding Wargs

Gytha Lainey is in the town of Overhill.

Now that you have told the people of Overhill to go inside their houses, it is up to you and Gytha to stop the intruding Wargs.

Gytha Lainey says, "I will keep an eye on Overhill, <name>. Try and find the Wargs before they arrive!"


Gytha Lainey says, "I think the danger has passed, for now!"

Objective 4

  • Talk to Gytha Lainey

Gytha Lainey is in Overhill.

You have successfully defeated the Warg hunting-party that intruded into the Bindbole Wood and should now speak of your success to Gytha Lainey.

Gytha Lainey: 'You have done it, <name>, and I cannot thank you enough! The people of Overhill would have been helpless without our warning and subsequent aid, and though they might not have appreciated the danger, it does my heart good to know that such a place is safe once again from ravages of war.
'I think the wargs will not come again into this land, not for a time, yet. I wonder what it is that brought them here?
'Let men know when you are ready to go, and we can travel back to Adso's camp.'
Gytha Lainey: 'I am ready to return to Adso's camp, if you are ready as well. The folk here are always polite, even if they do not always appreciate the presence of "Big Folk" like myself. Today, however, I think they do. It makes me smile.'