Quest:Instance: A Gift for the North

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Instance: A Gift for the North
Level 10
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Ulfar
Starts at Needlehole
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [27.9S, 75.9W]
Quest Group The Shire
Quest Chain Beast of the Bog
Reflecting Pool Shire Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

"The Stone-troll of Rushock Bog… a terrible legend stalks the fens, enraged by the dwarves who seek to capture it…."


You have travelled with Ulfar to the outskirts of the dwarf camp in the Rushock Bog. There you hope to put an end to the dwarf Olwir's plan to capture a Stone-troll and give it as a gift to the dwarf Skorgrím in the north.

Objective 1

Speak to Ulfar and then defend him as he delves deeper into the dwarf camp.

Ulfar: 'All right, now be careful. We've got to get into this camp and slay the Stone-troll they may have captured.
'Also, when we get into the camp, be on the watch for that Olwir. He won't be too pleased to see us trying to slay his "gift".'
Ulfar says, "All right, let's go."
Ulfar says, "The gate is closed up tight…."
Ulfar says, "Ah, I know what'll get it open…."
Ulfar says, "Open up! You in there! Open up!"
Dourhand Tracker says, "Who goes there!"
Dourhand Tracker says, "Ulfar? What are you doing here?"
Ulfar says, "I know of Olwir's gift, and I'm here to slay it!"
Dourhand Tracker says, "Ulfar, this matter is none of your concern."
Dourhand Tracker says, "Leave now, if you value your life."
Ulfar says, "I will not leave."
Dourhand Tracker says, "You were warned…."
Ulfar says, "Augh…."
Dourhand Tracker says, "Take them!"
Ulfar says, "Ugh…."
Ulfar says, "Good job…Let's continue on…."
Ulfar says, "Guess the wound was more serious…than I thought…."

Objective 2

Ulfar has been wounded in the battle. Speak to him to see what he would have you do.

Ulfar: 'Aye, I guess I've been away from battle for too long. The wound is painful, but not mortal. It will keep me from being much help, though.
'You must continue without me and slay the Stone-troll, if they've captured one. And don't forget to be on the watch for Olwir, he will do his best to stop you!
'I'll stay behind and make sure none of these lot escape.'

Objective 3

Ulfar has told you to continue on, deeper into the dwarf camp, without him and slay the Stone-troll, if you find one.

Ulfar was wounded in the fighting and was unable to continue on with you. He told you though that the Stone-troll must be slain, and to be on the watch for Olwir, as he will surely try to stop you from slaying the beast.

Ulfar: 'You have to go ahead and slay that Stone-troll. If they've captured him, he'll be somewhere deeper in the camp.'
Dourhand Tracker says, "Stop them!"
Dourhand Trapper says, "Intruders!"
Olwir says, "You dare interfere? Here you meet your death!"
Olwir says, "None can stand before my axe!"
Olwir says, "Enough of this!"
Olwir says, "This gift for my masters shall destroy you!"
Olwir says, "Nooo…"
Stone-troll says, "I'll squash you into jelly!"
Stone-troll says, "I'll pick my teeth with yer bones!"
Stone-troll says, "Oooof…."
Defeated the Stone-troll

Objective 4

With the Stone-troll and Olwir dead, return to the wounded Ulfar and tell him what happened.

Ulfar: 'Well done! I got impatient waiting, so I had to see how you were doing, but it seems you did fine without me. That Stone-troll is slain, and it seems Olwir is as well. He paid a high price for his crime, stealing that cow from Filibert, didn't he? With him gone, these dwarves shouldn't trouble Rushock Bog much longer.
'As for Filibert, do not worry about him, I'll make sure he is given money to purchase a new cow.
'You have done well today, my friend. You have my thanks.'
Ulfar: 'Are you ready to depart?'