Quest:Instance: A Disturbance at the Gate

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Instance: A Disturbance at the Gate
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Gárwig
Starts at Lornsettle
Start Region Forlaw
Map Ref [37.8S, 61.0W]
Ends with Cyneberg
Ends at Forlaw
End Region Forlaw
Map Ref [39.3S, 61.6W]
Quest Chain Wildermore: Writhendowns
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

A Disturbance at the Gate
"Gárwig, the Reeve of Wildermore, has been summoned by a disturbance at the western gate of Forlaw."


A disturbance at the west gate has come to the attention of the Reeve.

Objective 1

Gárwig is in the Mead Hall of Forlaw.

You should speak with Gárwig.

Gárwig: 'We have always had to defend our lands from creatures of the wild, and from bands of roaming Orcs. But things have never been this bad in Wildermore.'
Gárwig says, "Wildermore has never faced such danger."
Gárwig says, "I almost feel as if the leaders of the land are being hunted."
Cyneberg says, "I wonder. Núrzum killed my father, Thrymm, and your kin..."
Cyneberg says, "But the Orcs do not discriminate."
Gárwig says, "Who is that at the door?"
Defender says, "Reeve, sir! Orcs at the gate!"
Gárwig says, "Eh?"
Defender says, "Attackers at the west gate! Orcs, bearing the symbol of the White Hand."
Defender says, "The snow makes it hard to see, but our archers seem to have the upper hand."
Gárwig says, "The enemy grows ever more daring. Come -- let us go assess the situation."

Objective 2

  • Follow Gárwig and speak with him

Assist Gárwig in Forlaw.

Gárwig: 'Well, at least we have defeated them, from the looks of it. You there -- tell me what happened here.'

Objective 3

  • Assist Gárwig at the gate

Assist Gárwig in Forlaw.

Defender says, "It was a very brief attack, Reeve Gárwig."
Defender says, "No more than these dead Orcs you see here."
Defender says, "They threw themselves at the gate, and then...nothing. It was done."
Gárwig says, "Hm. With such a small force, they could have no hope of capturing Forlaw."
Gárwig says, "It was an odd move, even for Orcs."
Cyneberg says, "Oh no. That...that chill. It is just like...."
Núrzum says, "I greet you, Gárwig, Reeve of Wildermore."
Gárwig says, "Are you here to murder me too, giant?"
Gárwig says, "Why not be done with it? Kill me, and leave Wildermore forever."
Cyneberg says, "No, Gárwig! We will not let him have you!"
Núrzum says, "Ha! Do not flatter yourselves."
Núrzum says, "If I was here to kill the old man, you could not stop me."
Núrzum says, "I am here to deliver a gift."
Núrzum says, "Here are the last of your sons."
Cyneberg says, "Gárferth! Edsig! What have you done to them?"
Núrzum says, "That is all for today. Farewell, Reeve of Wildermore."

Objective 4

  • Help Gárwig

Speak with Gárwig at the gate.

Gárwig: Gárwig is pale and breathless, his eyes wide in shock at the cruel death of his remaining sons.
'Why did it not take me instead? What does the creature want from us?
'How can it be stopped?'
Cyneberg: 'I... I cannot believe this. What dow we do?'
Cynberg recovers a little when she sees her Reeve lying still in the snow.
'We must get the Reeve indoors at once. He is too frail to be out in the snow.'