Quest:Instance: A Burglar's Errand

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Instance: A Burglar's Errand
Level 30
Type Solo only
Starts with Palma Brownlock
Starts at The Forsaken Inn
Start Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [34.0S, 40.7W]
Quest Group Burglar
Class Burglar
Quest Text


'Medhrod, a legendary sword once wielded by a great hero who helped keep the Great East Road clear of threats, has been stolen by the half-orcs of Naerost, leading Palma Brownlock, a hobbit-burglar of no small reputation, to gather allies to recover it....'


Palma Brownlock has convinced you to reacquire the sword Medhrod, stolen by half-orcs at Naerost in the Lone-lands.

Objective 1

Palma Brownlock is waiting to speak with you on the hills outside Naerost.

Palma has somehow convinced you to sneak into the ruins of Naerost to reacquire the sword Medhrod.

Palma: 'Are you ready, <name>? If you're a burglar worth your salt, you won't have any difficulty sneaking into Naerost over there and coming back with Medhrod. You are worth your salt, aren't you, <name>? Go on, make me proud!
'I'd do it myself, but I figure you could use the practice. You're welcome!'

Objective 2

The sword Medhrod is somewhere within the ruins of Naerost.

The half-orcs that stole Medhrod are surely keeping the sword under close watch inside the ruins.

Objective 3

  • Talk to Palma Brownlock

Palma Brownlock is on the slope outside the ruins of Naerost.

Palma is eagerly awaiting your return with Medhrod.

Palma: 'You did it! Well, that's a relief, isn't it, <name>? I'm sure you didn't have any trouble!
'Now let's go back to the Inn and spread the good news -- the half-orcs aren't in possession of Medhrod any longer, and it serves them right!
'Let me know when you're ready to go.'
Palma: 'I'm ready to leave if you are! The Inn awaits!'