Quest:Hunter: Lay of the Land

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Lay of the Land
Level 51
Type Solo
Starts with Tinúriel
Starts at Echad Dúnann
Start Region Eregion
Map Ref [50.5S, 7.9W]
Ends with Tinúriel
Ends at Echad Dúnann
End Region Eregion
Map Ref [50.5S, 7.9W]
Quest Group Hunter
Class Hunter
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Hail, <name>. Have you seen much of Eregion? It has much changed since Elves lived here, and there is little of the Elves left here. I have spent much time learning these changes, so that we can move quickly here to Echad Dúnann unseen by the eyes of the Enemy.

'If you would seek to learn these paths, I would share such knowledge with you. First, though, you must explore Eregion. Many of the landmarks and points I reference would be useless to you unless you saw them first with your own eyes.

'Go and explore Eregion. Once you have done so, return to me, and I shall share with you my knowledge of the secret way to Echad Dúnann.'


You have been encouraged to learn the hidden tracks and paths of Eregion so that you may travel there more quickly.

Objective 1

Explore the Elf ruins and dens of the beasts found in Eregion.

Tinúriel told you that for you to learn the quickest route to Echad Dúnann in Eregion, you must explore the land and learn its hidden tracks and paths.

Tinúriel: 'I can see that you have not yet fully explored Eregion. You must do this first, otherwise my instruction on the hidden path to Echad Dúnann would be useless to you.'

Objective 2

Tinúriel is at Echad Dúnann in Eregion.

Now that you have explored Eregion and become familiar with its ruins and the dens of the beasts here, you will be able to understand Tinúriel's instruction on the secret way to Echad Dúnann.

Tinúriel: 'You have explored Eregion, <name>? This is good. These lands are much changed, and there is little of the land that remembers the Elves. Even though we camp here now on an errand for Master Elrond, we soon will be gone, and I fear the land will forget us completely.
'However, those are matters for another day. For now, Elves walk these lands and our knowledge can hamper the efforts of the Enemy. Here, <name>, take this guide and learn from it. Use such knowledge well.'