Quest:Hired Hook

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Hired Hook
Level ...
Type Solo
Repeatable Daily
Starts with Petunia Hornblower
Starts at Bywater Pool
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [31.2S, 70.0W]
Quest Group Festival
Quest Chain Farmers Faire
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Fishing is disgusting! I had no idea my dinner would be so vile before my mother turns it into a meal.

'My brother usually catches fish for us, but I gave him some sass about it and now he claims he won't until I know what it's like to catch my own dinner.

'I'm told I must dig up worms before I can start, but I would rather starve than go anywhere near a slimy worm! I will pay a handsome reward if you're so good as to help me.'


Petunia Hornblower has been challenged to catch fish for her family's dinner, but she doesn't feel quite up for many of the less ladylike tasks involved in catching a meal.

NOTE: This quest will be removed from your quest log when the current festival ends.

Objective 1


Moist earth, the perfect breeding ground for worms, is just north of the fishing area and across the small bridge.

You should dig up worms in the moist earth and place them in the bait-bucket nearby.

Petunia Hornblower: 'Well, what are you waiting for? Do you think I'm coming with you? I don't want to touch any nasty earthworms!'
Placed a worm in the bait-bucket (5/5)

Objective 2

  • Tell Petunia Hornblower that the bait is ready

Petunia Hornblower is cowering near the Fishing Hole in the Shire.

You should speak with Petunia Hornblower and tell her that the bait is ready.

Petunia Hornblower: 'So you dug up the worms? Good. Now what do I have to do?'
You explain that the next step in fishing is generally to place the bait on the fishing line's hook.
'WHAT? That's disgusting! I won't do it, I won't. YOU do it.'

Apparently Miss Hornblower has no intention of baiting the fishing line herself....

Objective 3

  • Hook the bait for Petunia Hornblower

The bait bucket is right where you left it, just to the north of the Fishing Hole.

You should bait the fishing line for Petunia Hornblower.

You have hooked a worm

Objective 4

  • Bring the baited pole to Petunia Hornblower

Petunia Hornblower is likely still cowering at the Fishing Hole in Bywater.

You should bring the baited fishing line to Petunia Hornblower.

Petunia Hornblower: 'How horrid! That poor worm is still wriggling! What am I supposed to do with that?'
You explain that the fishing line must be cast into the water so the fish will be tempted to nibble at the bait.
'You want me to DROWN it now? That's cruel! I simply won't do it! Catch those fish yourself, if you please.'

Miss Hornblower is horrified by the barbaric act of fishing, so it seems you must continue to lend a hand

Objective 5

Fish can be caught in the pond in Bywater.

You must use your knowledge of fishing to catch fish out of the Fishing Hole for Petunia Hornblower's dinner.

Caught a suitable Dinner Fish (5/5)

Objective 6

  • Show the fish you caught to Petunia Hornblower

Petunia Hornblower is near the Fishing Hole in Bywater.

You should bring the fish you caught to Petunia Hornblower, for surely she will be satisfied with the catch after all the effort you put in on her behalf.

Petunia Hornblower: 'Five fish! Marvellous! How slimy they are…but no matter! My brother will be impressed, and that is all that is important right now.
'Where do you think you're going now? You don't expect me to bring these all the way to my brother in Hobbiton, do you? Please deliver these at once, before they spoil, thank-you-very-much.'
Perhaps you should think twice before you agree to help Petunia Hornblower again, for it appears she will never let you be finished

Objective 7

Hal Hornblower is in the centre of Hobbiton, the town to the west and just north of Bywater.

You should bring the fish you cought to Petunia Hornblower's sibling, Hal Hornblower.

Hal Hornblower: 'That sister of mine certainly does take her time to catch fish for dinner. But still -- I am impressed! She caught five fish for dinner? To be honest, I didn't think she had it in her. She is not so useless after all! I bet YOU couldn't catch five fish on one day. It runs in the family, you know.'

Objective 8

  • Convince Petunia Hornblower to let you be done with helping her for today

Your general goodness inspired you to help a young hobbit-lass in distress; perhaps you will think twice about doing so again.

Petunia Hornblower is at the Fishing Hole in Bywater. You should return to Petunia Hornblower, and hopefully she will now release you from your contract with her.

Petunia Hornblower: 'Thank you for helping me catch my dinner, <name>! Now I just need you to -- what's that? You don't want to help me anymore?
'Hmph. Well, I suppose you've done enough for today….'