Quest:Heart of the Waters

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Heart of the Waters
Level 50
Type Fellowship
Starts with Fimreg
Starts at Gath Forthnír
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [10.89N, 23.93W]
Ends with Rhúnelleth
Ends at Tármunn Súrsa
End Region Angmar
Map Ref [12.0N, 32.0W]
Quest Group Carn Dûm
Quest Chain Foul Waters
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'A tooth, perhaps? Or the hooked beak of some bird? Oh, if only it were so, <name>. Imagine a half-dozen arms, lined with hundreds of these like teeth with which to grasp its prey, and a hungry maw that spits poison and breathes decay. I cannot speak of this monstrosity any more.

'Go to Rhúnelleth in Tármunn Súrsa. She will be able to tell you more of the wicked ways of Carn Dûm.

'Tármunn Súrsa is to the north-west of Gath Forthnír. Hurry, please!'


In searching for the source of the poisoned waters, you found a strange bony hook and showed it to Fimreg.

Objective 1

Tármunn Súrsa is north-west from Gath Forthnír, past the Gates of Carn Dûm.

Fimreg has asked you to speak with Rhúnelleth in Tármunn Súrsa.

Rhúnelleth: 'I have been waiting for you.'
'There are tales of this creature, a loathsome eater of carrion. Helchgam, the Watcher. Such a beast will be hard to kill, but kill it you must, for left unchecked, it will continue to feed and grow.'
'If you only found traces of its spoor in Urugarth, it must lurk in the waters north of there, somewhere within the sewers beneath Carn Dûm. This creature must be defeated. I would ask that you do this, then return to me.'

Objective 2

Helchgam lurks in the waters of Carn Dûm, beyond the gates to the west of Himbar.

Rhúnelleth revealed the source of the poison to be a many-armed creature she called Helchgam.

Objective 3

Rhúnelleth is in Tármunn Súrsa to the east of Carn Dûm.

You travelled far into Carn Dûm and slew the dread beast known as Helchgam.

Rhúnelleth: 'The beast's corruption will take many years to abate, but with its death, we can be sure that the poisoned waters may run clean once more.'