Quest:Healing Stores

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Healing Stores
Level 9
Type Solo
Starts with Bruner Stoutthrush
Starts at Combe Gate
Start Region Bree
Map Ref [30.3S, 50.1W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Chain Shady Business
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Leecher Cartwell in Combe has been wasting his healing stores on any rabble or riff-raff that wander through his door. Now, he expects me to fill his stores! It will cost him more than a few pennies this time, I can tell you that!

'Travel over to Brandy Hall in Buckland and speak with a good-for-naught hobbit there by the name of Hodric Bracegirdle. Get a crate of that oily salve he makes and bring it back to me.

'That salve should satisfy the leech.'


Leecher Cartwell has ordered some supplies from Bruner Stoutthrush, who has in turn run out of stock.

Objective 1

Hodric Bracegirdle lives on the forest side of Brandy Hall in Buckland.

The hobbit Hoderic Bracegirdle supplies Stoutthrush with the healing salve he sells to Leecher Cartwell.

Hodric Bracegirdle: 'What's that? Oh, that villain Stoutthrush! He's been demanding one thing or another of me ever since I lost that wager to him.
'I suppose I can spare some salve. I'll have to make more soon or I'll run out.'
Collected the Crate of Oily Salve

Objective 2

Bruner Stoutthrush does business at the Combe-gate in Bree.

Hodric, not entirely happily, gave you the crate Bruner requested. You should bring it to Stoutthrush straight away.

Bruner Stoutthrush: 'Where have you been? Cartwell might have found another supply of salve by now.'