Quest:Halls of Crafting: Artisan of Evil

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Halls of Crafting: Artisan of Evil
Level 60
Type Fellowship
Starts with Baranglim
Starts at The Flaming Deeps
Start Region The Flaming Deeps
Map Ref [16.9S, 109.4W]
Quest Group Dungeons of Lothlórien
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I am glad Haldir sent you my way, [kinsman]/[Master Perian. To have come so far from your home near the sea is a great feat for one so small, and you are welcome here]/[Elf-friend]. Thank you for offering to share the burdens that have weighed upon me since first our guests came into the protection of this land. I have been observing a stirring of Orcs from Moria as has not been seen in many a long day.

'In the Halls of Crafting, a great leader of the enemy forces is overseeing the war and the gathering of foes. They would be naught but a mindless rabble if none were taking charge, so I must assume that there is one around whom the stormcloud rallies.

'The Orcs speak his name with fear when they do not perceive our watchfulness. He is Thaguzg. It is a name I do not like to speak. You should defeat this foe ere you partake in the cleansing of the Halls of Crafting. I know it will not be easy, for his minions are strong; therefore he will be mighty. You should bring many friends with you on this venture, and may you return in good health to look upon our fair lands again.'


The wisdom of Baranglim, a watchful scout of the Galadhrim, warns that the movements of the Orcs indicate organized leadership of the war-force that brews in the Halls of Crafting in Moria.

Objective 1

Thaguzg can be found deep within the Halls of Crafting, in the southern reaches of Moria's Flaming Deeps.

Baranglim has asked you to defeat Thaguzg when you venture into the Halls of Crafting. Without his leadership, the Orcs will surely despair of their plot.

Objective 2

Baranglim can be found outside the Halls of Crafting in the Flaming Deeps.

You should hasten to Baranglim to inform him of Thaguzg's defeat.

Baranglim: 'You have done well indeed, <name>! It is more than I dared to hope. Glad I am to see you well upon your return, with no grievous wounds. You have the thanks of the Galadhrim.'