Quest:Goldhead Must Die

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Goldhead Must Die
Faction Creep
Level 140
Type Raid
Starts at Tírith Rhaw
Starts with Taskmaster Núrsufum
[17.6S, 14.5W]
Ends at Tírith Rhaw
Ends with Taskmaster Núrsufum
[17.6S, 14.5W]
Money Reward 20 Silver 14 Copper 
Rank change Increased Infamy (60)
Repeatable Daily
Quest Chain Tírith Rhaw Creep
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Big bear... head of gold... come... fight.

'You go stop.



Trolls do not communicate well, as is proving true time and again. You think you were able to piece together a terrible truth from what Taskmaster Galinzarza tried to say. A bear named Goldhead may be aligned with the enemy, and if they act quickly enough, may assist the enemy against the tower.

Objective 1

Old Goldhead may be within a bear-den near Tirith Rhaw.

Taskmaster Núrsufum seems to have communicated that a great bear nearby named Goldhead may be allied with the enemy.

Taskmaster Núrsufum: 'Smash bear! 'Now!'

Objective 2

Taskmaster Núrsufum is at Tirith Rhaw.

You found and destroyed Old Goldhead. Now you should return to Taskmaster Núrsufum.

Taskmaster Núrsufum: 'Good.
'Me no kill you.'