Quest:Glimmers in the Water

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Glimmers in the Water
Level 116
Type Solo
Starts with Kári
Starts at Járnfast
Start Region Iron Hills
Quest Group Járnfast
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'O! Have you a moment?

'I believe there may be a way to bolster our yields of iron and gemstones while the mines of Járnfast remain in disrepair.

'I have had some success in panning the rivers of the Ironfold, and the tremors have not obstructed their flow as they have the tunnels of Járnfast.

'Here, take this! I would ask that you visit the six sources of the rivers of the Iron Hills, and see what you can pan from them.

'When you have travelled to all of them, bring what you have found to me!'


Many streams and rivers flow from the Iron Hills, and in their shallows hidden riches may be found.

Objective 1

  • Pan in the rivers of the Iron Hills (0/6)

The rivers of the Ironfold can be found flowing from the Iron Hills.

Kári hopes to impress Foreman Brumbur by proving that panning the rivers of the Iron Hills might prove a substantial source of iron and other minerals.\\

PAN "A wrought-iron pan used to extract minerals from the rivers and streams of the Iron Hills."
You have found a suitable location for panning.
You are too far from the water!
Panning ...
Panned in the rivers of the Iron Hills (6/6)
HANDFULS OF GLIMMERING FRAGMENTS "A handful of glimmering gemstones and mineral fragments."

Objective 2

Kári can be found among the ruined mines of Járnfast.

After panning in the rivers and streams of the Iron Hills, you have collected a small amount of glimmering fragments. You should deliver them to Kári in Járnfast.

Kári: 'Ah! Look at those! When you go to the other five sources, you are certain to come back with even more!'
You inform Kári that the glimmering fragments you have collected were panned from all six sources.
'Oh...ah. You were gone for quite some time, weren't you? Bah, Brumbur was right. Ruined as the mines of Járnfast are, much more can be delved from them... and with much less walking about!
'I am sorry to have sent you on such a fruitless errand, <name>.
'Take this for your troubles.'