Quest:Fortifying Grog

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Fortifying Grog
Level 77
Type Solo
Starts with Zerlúk
Starts at Dead Orc Glade
Start Region The East Wall
Map Ref [56.7S, 49.7W]
Quest Group East Wall
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Ugh... if you come any closer... I will gut you, <race>. See... if I don't...'

The Uruk sputters, coughing up blood, and grits his teeth together. He tries to reach the blade lying nearby, but it is just out of his reach. You steel your resolve, fighting the instincts of your <race>-forebears. You would slay this Uruk where he lies... but what does he know?

'You must be... a friend of his? The one who did this?'

The Uruk laughs, a guttural sound, and coughs up more black blood.

'I'll make you... ugh... a deal... <race>. Find one of my kind... and take a bladder of grog from him. Bring it to me... and I will tell you... what happened here. Do it, maggot! Or leave me to die... and you will never know... what happened...'

The Uruk scowls.

'And I will know if it's been... lying around next to a corpse... so bring me a fresh one!'


You found a dying Uruk surrounded by the corpses of dozens of his fellows, and he promised to tell you what happened if you bring him life-sustaining grog.

Objective 1

Uruks throughout the East Wall carry bladders of grog on their person with which they can fortify themselves.

The dying Uruk you found wants a bladder of grog in exchange for telling you what happened at the Dead Orc Glade.

Zerlúk: 'Bring me a…bladder of grog…or I will tell you nothing! Ugh…agh….'
The dying Uruk sputters up more blood.
'I don't care how many…of my fellows you have to kill…to get it….'
Collected bladder of grog. It smells terrible

Objective 2

  • Bring the bladder of grog to the dying Uruk

The dying Uruk is in the Dead Orc Glade, in the East Wall.

You have found a bladder of grog and should bring it back to the dying Uruk.

Zerlúk: 'Give it…give it here….
The dying Uruk takes a gulp from the grog, and it seems to reinvigorate him.
'Ah…that did the trick…ayeust the stuff. You want to hear what happened here?'