Quest:Forging Ahead (Aldburg)

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This page is about a quest in Aldburg. For the quest in The Flaming Deeps, see Quest:Forging Ahead
Forging Ahead
Level 88
Type Solo
Starts with Éothain
Starts at Aldburg
Start Region Eastfold
Map Ref [69.0S, 63.7W]
Quest Group Aldburg
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'<name>, my sword was recently damaged in battle and is in need of repair. The White Hand uses a very strong steel for its weapons. If you could collect come of their weapons, we might be able to smelt enough good steel from their blades that we could use to repair my sword and others.

'Will you do this for me?'


The troubles with the Orcs require the folk of Aldburg to prepare for the inevitable war brewing upon their doorstep.

Objective 1

  • Collect White Hand swords (0/4)

White Hand Orcs were seen near the mountains to the north-west of Aldburg.

Éothain has asked you to collect Orc-swords from which they might smelt steel to repair his sword and others.

Objective 2

Éothain is in Aldburg, south-east of the mountains.

You should bring the swords you gathered back to Éothain.

Éothain: 'I would normally not ask favours of others for that which I can do myself, but with all that is transpiring here in Aldburg, I knew that I would be needed here. Thank you for your assistance.'