Quest:For Glory and Coin

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For Glory and Coin
Level 77
Type Solo
Starts with Rodwen
Starts at Parth Galen
Start Region The East Wall
Map Ref [58.7S, 47.8W]
Ends with Hestil
Ends at Parth Galen
End Region The East Wall
Map Ref [58.7S, 47.7W]
Quest Group East Wall
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Well met, <race>. My name is Rodwen, and I am a champion of Gondor and an adventurer-for-hire. I have come north from Gondor with my friends in search of glory and coin, not necessarily in that sequence, but now we have run into some trouble.

'We lost Cuilinn not long after leaving Cair Andros; he was a minstrel, and did not understand the need for silence at a crucial moment. Our guardian, as staunch a dwarf as I've ever known, has been captured by Orcs! And Isteron seems to have just wandered off... he is a lore-master, so I suppose we should have expected it. He gets interested in the strangest of things, and tends to follow that interest wherever it leads him, which is usually... away.

'We could use your help, if you offer it. Introduce yourself to Hestil over there before she goes even more grey with worry! Come speak to me again afterward and I will answer any of your questions.'


You met Rodwen, a champion of Gondor and an adventurer-for-hire, and she asked for your aid.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Hestil

Hestil is by her camp near Parth Galen, in the East Wall.

Rodwen has introduced herself to you, and recommended that you speak with Hestil if you are interested in helping her unfortunate band of adventurers.

Rodwen: 'Hestil is the captain of our group of adventurers-for-hire. Introduce yourself to her and perhaps you can help us get out of the troubling situation in which we find ourselves. Come speak to me afterwards and I will answer whatever questions you have.'
Hestil: 'Yes? Are you here to help us?
Hestil listens as you offer her your aid, and then she nods curtly.
'Well, we'll see how much help you can be, <name>. We ran into trouble not long after we left Cair Andros, but that was only the start. These lands were supposed to be deserted, but now they are anything but empty: Orcs have poured across the river in great number, and we find further passage north to be much more difficult than we planned! And now our guardian has gotten himself captured!'