Quest:Farmers Faire: Sandson's Egg Scramble

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Farmers Faire: Sandson's Egg Scramble
Level ...
Type Solo
Repeatable Daily
Starts with Wymarc Grubb
Starts at Sandson's Farm
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [32.0S, 74.3W]
Quest Group Farmers Faire
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Hey there, <name>! Have you come to take part in Sandson's Egg Scramble? Well here are the rules: Just remain in the chicken yard here. When the event begins, Sandson's finest chickens will come out of their coops and start laying eggs! They tend to become a bit perturbed what with all the folk about, so they'll run about a lot, and things can get a bit confusing.

'If you can collect five white eggs before I call time, you'll win a bonus in Faire tokens! Otherwise, you can turn in whatever eggs you've collected for a token each.

'Oh, I should mention that some mischief-maker seems to have slipped some unusual ingredients into the chickens' feed, and we've been getting some rather, er, unusual eggs now and again. Seems that there are collectors that value them though, so while they won't count towards the Egg Scramble, you may want to grab them nonetheless.'


Wymarc Grubb is overseeing the annual Egg Scramble, where hobbits and visitors, young and old alike, scramble about after Farmer Sandson's chickens, hoping to gather up eggs laid in panic. It seems that Sandson's special chicken feed may have had some unusual ingredients this year though, because some of the eggs his chickens are laying have decidedly strange hues. Still, perhaps egg collectors will see some value in them?

NOTE: This quest will be removed from your quest log when the event it is associated with ends.

Objective 1

  • Wait for the game to begin

Sandson's Egg Scramble will begin shortly. Your goal is to collect at least five white eggs -- but you can earn additional tokens by collecting extra eggs...and especially for collecting the rare coloured eggs!

Wait in the chicken yard until Wymarc Grubb declares the game underway.

Sandson's Egg Scramble will begin shortly!
Sandson's Egg Scramble has begun

Objective 2

Gather five white eggs as quickly as you can.

Ten seconds remain in the Egg Scramble!
You did not collect enough eggs. Try again
Failed: Farmers Faire: Sandson's Egg Scramble
Collected white eggs (5/5)

Objective 3

  • Gather more eggs

You have succeeded in gathering five white eggs -- get as many more as you can before the game is over.

You should try to grab any festive eggs that you spot.

Objective 4

  • Talk to Wymarc Grubb

Talk to Wymarc Grubb to receive your tokens for winning the Egg Scramble.

Wymarc Grubb: 'You've got quick feet and steady hands, <name>! Congratulations on winning Sandon's Egg Scramble!
'Please come play again...and keep an eye out for any festive eggs you see out there. I hear that there are collectors with an eye for such things.'