Quest:Fangs Bared (North Ithilien)

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This page is about the quest out of North Ithilien. For the similarly named quest out of Ost Galadh, Mirkwood, see Quest:Fangs Bared
Fangs Bared (North Ithilien)
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Daugha-tûm
Starts at Aelin Veren
Start Region North Ithilien
Map Ref [53.0S, 6.8W]
Ends with Maendal
Quest Chain North Ithilien
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

You approach Daugha-tûm. He remains silent, but his gaze is fixed upon you.

You ask him several carefully-worded questions about his company's intent and the whereabouts of his kin in North Ithilien.

You offer him a moment to respond.


Daugha-tûm, a proud warrior of Harad, is the first to be questioned by you and the Rangers of Ithilien in hope of discovering why the Haradrim chose to surrender.

Objective 1

Daugha-tûm can be found in Aelin Veren, in central North Ithilien.

Maendal has asked you to question the Haradrim prisoners, beginning with the warrior Daugha-tûm.

Daugha-tûm does not respond to your questions.
His face is twisted in a mix of anger and disappointment, and it would seem that the decision to surrender was not his to make. However, he makes no attempt to free himself from his bonds and appears to have come to thers with his captain's choice.
Yet, before you can turn back to Maendal, you hear the cracking of a nearby twig and the shifting of stone within the old baths...
Ranger of Ithilien says, 'Liars, the lot of them!'
Ranger of Ithilien says,' Shall we slay the rest?'
Maendal says, 'Hold!'

Objective 2

Maendal can be found at Aelin Veren.

You and the Rangers were forced to slay a rebelling Haradrim prisoner. You should talk to Maendal about what is to be done.

'This does not bode well for these Haradrim, and surely they must know it. If any more of their kin come to their aid here, I fear we shall be forced to slay them to protect ourselves and our brethren.
'Were circumstances different... but no, we can ill afford to take chances with men we have long known to be loyal to the Enemy.
'For the moment, we must keep our heads and sights clear.'