Quest:Expedition: The Common Thread

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Expedition: The Common Thread
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Símbi
Starts at Filgogân
Start Region Walls of Moria
Map Ref [53.0S, 7.5W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 1
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Someone sent these half-orcs to Hollin, <name>; it is clear to me that Graug, the chieftain who ordered the camp established inside Filgogân, has his own master. I want to know who this might be.

'I will reward you handsomely for evidence of this overseer. Enter the cave and do battle with the half-orcs, and bring me whatever common thread binds these half-orcs in loyalty to Graug's mysterious master.'


Símbi wants to know who has sent the half-orcs to Filgogân, where their presence threatens the expedition of dwarves that has come to Hollin.

Objective 1

  • Collect Painted Stones (0/6)
  • Can only be completed before the Expedition enters Moria.

Half-orcs inside the cave of Filgogân, south-west of Bósi's camp and across the dried-up Sirannon, surely carry some proof of their loyalty to Graug's master.

Símbi has asked you to ascertain the common thread that binds these half-orcs together, and bring evidence of it to him.

Símbi: 'Perhaps the half-orcs carry some sign of their loyalty to Graug's mysterious master. You should enter the cave nad bring me proof of this common thread.'

Objective 2

  • Bring painted stones to Símbi
  • Can only be completed before the Expedition enters Moria.

Símbi is outside the entrance to the cave Filgogân, southwest of Bósi's camp, across the dried-up Sirannon.

You have recovered stones, crudely painted with the emblem of a hand, from many of the half-orcs within Filgogân, and should bring them now to Símbi.

Símbi: 'You said the half-orcs carried these stones, each of them painted with this hand symbol? This is not Graug's mark; it must certainly be the emblem of his master.
'I do not recognize it. I will show this mark to Bósi when I return to the camp; perhaps he will understand its significance.
'Thank you for your help, <name>, and take these coins with my thanks.'