Quest:Expedition: Orders for Half-orcs

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Expedition: Orders for Half-orcs
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Símbi
Starts at Filgogân
Start Region The Walls of Moria
Map Ref [53.0S, 7.5W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 1
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Be careful, <race>! This cave is home to a large encampment of half-orcs; they haven't been here long, but it seems to me that they are mustering their strength for some evil purpose. Once they are prepared, I fear that they will strike against my people!

'We cannot let that happen. If the Iron Garrison is to survive, we must ensure that the half-orcs are unable to construct an effective offence.

'Seek the campfires of the half-orcs inside Filgogân, and collect pieces of information from each of them. If you can retrieve any orders, maps, reports, or letters, we can surely leave these half-orcs too disorganized to pose a great threat to our expedition.'


The dwarf Símbi has asked you to enter the cave Filgogân and obtain as much information about the half-orc camp as possible.

Objective 1

  • Collect information about the half-orcs (0/5)
  • Can only be completed before the Expedition enters Moria.

Information about the half-orcs can be found at their campfires inside the cave Filgogân, southwest of Bósi's camp, across the dried-up Sirannon.

Símbi has asked you to obtain information from each of the half-orc campfires inside the cave Filgogân.

Símbi: 'The half-orcs are sure to have the sort of information we're seeking at each of the campfires they've built inside the cave Filgogân. Orders, maps, plans, and letters -- all will be of use to us.'

Objective 2

  • Bring information on the half-orcs to Símbi
  • Can only be completed before the Expedition enters Moria.

Símbi is outside the cave Filgogân, southwest of Bósi's camp, across the dried-up Sirannon.

You have gathered a great deal of information about the half-orcs in Filgogân and should bring it all to Símbi.

Símbi: 'This information you have brought me paints a disturbing picture, <name>. Someone has drawn arrows on this map in what looks to be blood, tracing a course down from the Trollshaws and into Hollin. And these orders are difficult to read, but seem to command the half-orcs to search for halflings. [Hobbits:] Halflings? In Hollin? Begging your pardon, <name>, but you are among the very few I have seen in this land! [Others:] Could they mean Shire-folk? In Hollin? I confess I do not understand the meaning of these riddles.
'The half-orcs may not be here to stop the expedition, but they still threaten the work of the dwarves. It is to be hoped that your efforts have left them in disarray and unable to carry out a manoeuvre against my people.'