Quest:Essays of Old

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Essays of Old
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Bráthi
Starts at Hall Under the Mountain
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [29.5N, 25.6W]
Quest Group Erebor
Quest Chain Under the Mountain
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Hail, <name>. You have been sent by King Thorin? What does he wish of me?'

You explain King Thorin's desire to reclaim dwarf-made weaponry lost in the Battle of Dale, and his renewed interest in exploring new forging methods within Erebor.

'Of course, of course! King Thorin and our smiths have spoken long on methods that might improve our crafting skill once more, but we have not yet attempted any such designs. It seems the time has come!

'As for the weapons lost on the fields of battle, I would ask that you seek them out. In the meantime, I shall speak to our smiths and make certain that the forges are prepared.

'Once you have gathered as many dwarf-made weapons as you can bear, deliver them to me!'


Determined to reclaim what was lost in the Battle of Dale and investigate new forging methods, Bráthi has asked you to search for abandoned weapons in the lands surrounding Erebor.

Objective 1

  • Collect abandoned dwarf-made maces (0/3)
  • Collect abandoned dwarf-made swords (0/3)
  • Collect abandoned dwarf-made axes (0/3)

Abandoned Dwarf-make axes, maces, and swords can be found in the lands surrounding Erebor.

Bráthi has asked you to recover abandoned Dwarf-make weapons from the lands surrounding Erebor.

Battle-worn mace "A dwarf-made mace."
Collected abandoned Dwarf-make maces (3/3)
Battle-worn sword "A dwarf-made sword."
Collected abandoned Dwarf-make swords (3/3)
Battle-worn axe "A dwarf-made axe."
Collected abandoned Dwarf-make axes (3/3)

Objective 2

  • Deliver the Dwarf-make weapons to Bráthi

Bráthi can be found in the Hall Under the Mountain.

You have collected many Dwarf-make weapons that were lost in the Battle of Dale, and you should now deliver them to Bráthi in Erebor.

Bráthi: 'It may not seem it to the unskilled eye, but a few of these weapons were forged long ago.
'They will be safe from the hands of the Easterlings here in Erebor, and serve as a reminder of the skill of Durin's Folk. These newer weapons were not crafted in the same way as those weapons of old, and they have seen great damage from the War. I shall have them reforged using the new methods our smiths have devised with King Thorin.
'Let us hope that King Thorin's guidance will restore our works to their former glory!'