Quest:Epilogue: Closing the Book

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Epilogue: Closing the Book
Level 128
Type solo
Starts with Gandalf
Starts at Grimbeorn's House
Start Region Vales of Anduin
Ends with Automatic
Quest Chain The Black Book of Mordor: Epilogue
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Yes, <name>, I have been expecting you. Together, we have unearthed every secret behind the Black Book of Mordor by Vóin and Bozhéna, the long distant dwarves who authored it. Only one question remains: what is to be done with the book now?

'I see a number of possibilities, my friend. It was Khîl Tale-spinner who gave the book into our keeping, and his claim is perhaps the strongest. Vóin and Bozhéna were his thrice-great grandparents, and if the book is to be kept by anyone still living today in Middle-earth, we might do worse then a Zhélruka relative of its authors.

'But there is another interest to be considered. The Black Book of Mordor contains a great deal of information that would be prized by scholars concerning the history of Gondor and its late King Eärnur. The book is truly deserving of a place of honour in the Houses of Lore in Minas Tirith. The scholar Covadil would greatly accept the donation of it, and in that way Vóin's wish for Eärnur's struggle to be remembered in the future will truly be fulfilled.

'There is one other claim to the Black Book, <name>. Indeed, the nobility of this claim might be doubted, but I believe it is worth considering. I speak of the claim of Karazgar, the Weeping Warrior, who asked you to steal the book and deliver it to him. Yes, I knew of your encounter with him at the Old Ford. I chose not to say anything, but I am pleased my trust in you is not misplaced, and we were able to decipher the last of the book's mysteries.

'Why then might we entertain Karazgar's request, <name>? Why, it is for that very reason: we know what the book says, he does not. He believes it contains the secret to preventing his decline, or securing his power... but it does not. It does contain a great deal of confusion and mystery for one who does not know how to read it, and that is to say nothing about the trick with the shard of beacon-glass. What might he give up in exchange for a book he thinks will be of use to him, but is not, and cannot be? It may be an academic question, but those are always of great interest to me.

'So I leave the disposition of the Black Book to you, my friend. Choose who should have it, and deliver it either to Khîl Tale-spinner in Járnfast, Covadil in the Houses of Lore in Minas Tirith, or Karazgar at the Old Ford. I leave the decision to you, and with this choice, we will close the Black Book of Mordor for good. I thank you again, <name>.'


Together, you and Gandalf have managed to reveal the last of the secrets of the Black Book of Mordor, and the only remaining question concerns of it's final disposition.

Objective 1

  • Deliver the Black Book to Khîl Tale-spinner at his home


  • Deliver the Black Book to Covadil in the Houses of Lore


  • Deliver the Black Book to Karazgar by the flat stone at the Old Ford

Should you give the Black Book to Khîl Tale Spinner:

Khîl Tale-spinner: 'Welcome back, my friend! Were you able to solve the mystery of the glass-shard and Vóin's book? Did Gandalf have any ideas?'
For a number of hours, you describe what you learned from the secret writing in the Black Book, and conclude at last that your need for the tome has ended.
'You are giving it back to me? Well, I thank you for this! It seems that it properly belongs here in the chamber Vóin built, and with your assurance that it is not truly a tome of evil, I should think that it will be quite safe to keep it here!
'Like my thrice-great grandmother Bozhéna, I too have found the aura of this hidden chamber to be one of peace and comfort. I am quite pleased to know more of these relatives of mine, who were once mere names, but now are much more than that! And to think my thrice-great grandfather Vóin defied the Witch-king himself, and not only that, but he may have at last ended his days in the halls of Thafar-gathol itself!
'Now that is a tale, <name>. That is a tale indeed! Thank you for upholding your end of the bargain and delivering the Black Book back into my keeping, where it belongs. You will be my friend for always, good <race>.'

Should you give the Black book to Covadil:

Covadil 'Hello again, my friend! Did the kingsfoil I give to you cure your headaches? I have some more here if you... oh, you are not here for kingsfoil? What brings you then to the Houses of Lore?'
You explain to Covadil that you have come into possession of a book that has much to say concerning the history of Gondor and you would like it to find a place on the shelves among other such tomes. You hand her the glass shard and begin to describe the account contained within the pages of the Black Book, but before you have gone very far Covadil interrupts with an apologetic smile.'
'It isn't really up to me, but I can give the book to the masters, and they will study it for acceptability. If they deem it merits inclusion, and truly does contain knowledge of use to Gondor, they will add it to the collection.'
You wonder aloud whether any of the scholars in the Houses of Lore can read ancient Zhélruka runes.
'Oh, I doubt it', she responds. 'I think I will just add it to the shelves myself. If you say this contains important historical knowledge, I believe you! None today can say what might be important to know tomorrow! I say we preserve this tome for future scholars to mull over!'
Covadil takes the Black Book from you and carefully tucks the glass shard inside the cover.
'I look forward to reading it <name>! I have been trying to decide which language I should next set my sight upon, and it seems I have received my course: the runes of the ancient Zhélruka! Thank you once again, my friend! The Black Book will remain here in the Houses of Lore, waiting to enrich the knowledge of future interested scholars, and I am glad to have played a part in it'

Should you give the Black Book to Karazgar:

  • You stand at the Old Ford and resolve to wait for Karazgar to appear.
Note: A 45-minute timer begins counting down on the quest tracker, but the quest advances after only a few seconds.

The Weeping Warrior has arrived at last.

Karazgar says, "My spies tell me you have something for me, <name>."
Karazgar says, "Doubt not that I have eyes everywhere."
Karazgar says, "Why, even dragon-flies serve me, and bring me news from afar."
Karazgar: "I see you have brought the tome with you, <name>. Do you intend to honour our agreement?"
You tell Karazgar that you will give him the Black Book of Mordor, and he smiles.
"I am pleased you were willing to listen to reason, <race>."
  • Answer Karazgar.
Karazgar says, "I have only one question, <name>."
Karazgar says, "Why have you decided to aid me?"
(Answer) Because there is wisdom in it.
Karazgar stares at you, appraising you silently.
Karazgar says, "Wisdom you say? Hmm..."
Karazgar says, "You are wise indeed not to risk my further wrath."
(Answer) Because I respect power.
Karazgar stares at you, appraising you silently.
Karazgar says, "Do you now? You are right to see it."
Karazgar says, "Am I not Karazgar, mightiest of the Gúrzyul?"
(Answer) Because it amuses me.
Karazgar stares at you, appraising you silently.
Karazgar says, "Is that so?"
Karazgar says, "Your reasons are your own, and I will not judge them."
All responses:
"Give to me this artifact and I will leave you be."
Karazgar holds out his hand, and when you do not immediately give him the Black Book he scowls.
"Why do you hesitate? You risk the wrath of Karazgar, <name>."
You tell him the Book is not without cost and there are conditions attached to this gift.
Karazgar says, "What are your conditions?"
  • Give Karazgar your conditions.
(Answer) Never again endanger these lands.
Karazgar stares at you, appraising you silently.
Karazgar says, "That seems fair. I will bring fear to these lands no longer."
Karazgar says, "Is that all?"
(Answer) Give up your claim to the North.
Karazgar stares at you, appraising you silently.
Karazgar says, "That land is mine!"
Karazgar says, "Fine. Let the dwarves keep it. I care not."
Karazgar says, "Is that all?"
(Answer) Never again seek out dragons.
Karazgar stares at you, appraising you silently.
Karazgar says, "Bah! You ask too much!"
Karazgar says, "Hmmph. Hrimil can rot, for all I care. I am done with dragons."
Karazgar says, "Is that all?"
(Answer) That is all.
Karazgar stares at you, appraising you silently.
Karazgar says, "I know your demands. You think I will not agree."
Karazgar says, "But you are wrong. I accept."
All responses:
Karazgar says, "Set the book down on that flat stone."
  • Place the Black Book of Mordor down on the flat stone.
  • Remain on your guard.
Karazgar says, "You have my thanks for this, <name>."
Karazgar says, "Until we meet again."
Karazgar says, "Far from here... of course."

Objective 2

  • Completed.
'And so ends the Black Book of Mordor,' Gandalf murmurs with satisfaction.