Quest:Epilogue: Amardam, the Ancient Evil

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Epilogue: Amardam, the Ancient Evil
Level 100
Type Fellowship
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Cánnakh
Starts at Aughaire
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [0.4N, 39.5W]
Ends with Cánnakh
Ends at Aughaire
End Region Angmar
Map Ref [0.4N, 39.5W]
Quest Group Roving Threats
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Ah, what is this?!'

Cánnakh points at one of his parchments.

'This old story tells a tale of a strange beast called Amardam, who became lost in the Duvuinen Swamp. It was difficult to translate this old parchment but from the description, it sounds like a Caerog! If this old tale holds true, awaking an ancient Caerog would indeed be a great power. In the wrong hands, an ancient Caerog would bring absolute destruction to these lands.

'Quickly, head to the Duvuinen Swamp and search there for anything strange. We must defeat this Caerog before it is too late!'


Cánnakh has located the lost power, a Caerog buried in the Duvuinen Swamp. He asks for you to wake and defeat the slumbering evil before someone else finds it and Amardam regains its full strength.

Objective 1

Amardam can be found somewhere in the Duvuinen Swamp.

You should awake and defeat Amardam.

The rocks begin to move as the Caerog springs to life
Defeated Amardam

Objective 2

Cánnakh can be found in Aughaire.

You should speak with Cánnakh.

Cánnakh: 'Ah, I was right! The story had some truth in it!
'It seems that in ancient times, this Caerog sank into the swamp, awaiting to be awakened. I wonder if it was defeated by some ancient hero? Alas, some stories will remain hidden.
'You have done a great service to the people of Aughaire and give hope to the rest of the Free People in Angmar.'