Quest:Driving the Beasts Out

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Driving the Beasts Out
Level 45
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Valtteri
Starts at Kauppa-kohta
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [3.5N, 58.2W]
Quest Group Forochel
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The most vicious of the Surmâja, which some call the behemoth, waits for us among the rocks to the south-west. The beast has been made stronger by the Rauta-väki and has grown far too powerful for our hunters to defeat alone.

'Perhaps you can help us drive away or slay the beast. We will rub the Surmâja-fat you brought us on a token of the Lossoth and set it alight. Place this token in the ground when the behemoth attacks. Hopefully the beast will become frightened, and you may attack it in its confusion.

'The behemoth is a terrible foe, and you should use caution when approaching it.'


Your success against the Wargs of Forochel has brought you great respect from the Lossoth hunters. Valtteri seeks your aid one more time.

Objective 1

The red-fang behemoth can be found among the dark rocky hills far to the south-west of Kauppa-kohta.

Valtteri has asked you to hunt down and defeat the red-fang behemoth, using a burning Lossoth token to frighten the beast.

Valtteri: 'Use our fire token to drive the beast mad! You should find the behemoth in the hills to the south-west.'
Defeated the red-fang behemoth

Objective 2

Valtteri is in the northern part of Kauppa-kohta.

You should return to Valtteri and tell him of your victory against the red-fang behemoth.

Valtteri: 'The beast is gone. Our traders will be able to pass this way freely, without fear of being tracked by servants of Angmar.
'We are grateful that you have walked with us, as the hirvi walks among the kettu.
'A gift has been prepared for you. May there be many paths to guide you.'