Quest:Delve Into the Darkness (Weekly)

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Delve Into the Darkness (Weekly)
Level 140
Type Solo
Repeatable Weekly
Starts with Delving Mission Giver
Starts at Clegur
Gerwyn's Convoy
Skirmish Camp
Quest Group Special
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Might you spare me a moment of your time, <name>?

'We need brave adventurers such as yourself to push back the worst of the encroaching darkness. Will you delve deep into the darkness and show our strongest enemies the power of the light?

'Can I count on you to fulfill this mission? There's a bit of coin in it for you if you do!'


Delving deeply into the world, brave adventurers have been summoned to push back the darkness across Middle-earth.

Objective 1

  • Complete high tier delvings (tier 6 and higher) (0/10)

Complete 10 high tier delvings across Middle-earth (tier 6 and higher).

Completed high tier delvings (10/10)
'You have completed many delvings and done much to aid the people of Middle-earth!'