Quest:Defending the Herd

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Defending the Herd
Level 27
Type Solo
Starts with Gatson
Starts at Gatson's Farm
Start Region North Downs
Map Ref [10.3S, 45.6W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It's my fault, I guess, but when you killed those Orcs in my fields, the rest of their ilk got pretty stirred up. I think they're getting ready to raid my herd, grazing to the south of here.

'I'd like you to go down there and help my man Alwin defend the herd from those Orcs. Alwin's a fair hand with a bow, but he's no fighter. Them Orcs will finish my herd quick, and maybe worse. Make sure Alwin doesn't get hurt on my account!

'I think you'd best bring some friends with you. I don't think the Orcs will be caught unawares this time.'


Your attacks on the Orcs in Gatson's fields has stirred their peers' wrath. Gatson expects a raid at any moment.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Gatson's farmhand Alwin

Gatson's man Alwin is with the herd, south of the farm.

Gatson has asked you to help his farmhand, Alwin, defend his herd from the marauding Orcs. Make sure neither Alwin nor any of the herd come to harm.

Gatson: 'Alwin's with the herd a-ways south of here. Make sure he's not hurt because of my stubborn pride.'
Gilmar: 'Alwin's a fair shot with that bow of his but them Orcs will make a meal of him and the herd if you don't help.'
Alwin: 'Oh, it's good to see ye! There's Orcs gathering out there. We best be on our guard!'
  • Defeat the attacking Orcs and protect Alwin and the herd
Alwin Walker says, "Look out! The Orcs are coming!"
The Orcs have been driven off
Alwin Walker says, "I can 'ardly believe we survived. I can't wait to tell Gilmar about this!"

Objective 2

Gatson is at his farm, north of the fields where his herd grazes.

You and Alwin managed to stave off the Orcs' raid on Gatson's herd. You should return to the farm and tell Gatson.

Alwin Walker: 'Ye tell Master Gatson o' the drubbing what we gave them Orcs!'
Gatson: 'You have my thanks for helping out and keeping Alwin safe, but I'm afraid this doesn't solve the problem. Those Orcs'll be back. You can be sure of that.'