Quest:Crossing the Threshold

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Crossing the Threshold
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Nimithil
Starts at Ost Anglebed
Start Region Lebennin
Map Ref [79.4S, 39.4W]
Ends with Jajax
Ends at Aerthir
End Region Lebennin
Map Ref [84.3S, 39.9W]
Quest Group Lebennin
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'I thank you for your aid in restoring peace to Ost Anglebed. Malthellim and those loyal to him shall be locked away until this conflict comes to an end, and my guards shall work with those here to protect us under my command.

'To the south, I have heard of a great beachhead held by the Corsairs and Haradrim near the settlement of Aerthir. Rumours abound of a strange man taking refuge in Aerthir, but few have had much time to worry for him with an army gathering just outside their walls.

'The folk that dwell there are frightened and will soon share the fate of those in Lornost unless you go to their aid. I beg this of you, <name>... travel to Aerthir, do what you are able to for its people, and learn what you can of this man.'


Troubling rumours have come from Aerthir in the south, the settlement nearest where the Corsairs and Haradrim have made landfall.

Objective 1

  • Travel south to Aerthir

Aerthir can be found far to the south of Ost Anglebed in Lebennin.

Nimithil has asked you to aid the people of Aerthir and seek out a strange man taking refuge in the settlement.

You have arrived in Aerthir and should seek the strange man

Objective 2

  • Talk to the strange man in Aerthir

The strange man can be found somewhere in Aerthir.

You have arrived in Aerthir and should now seek the strange man that dwells there.

Jajax: 'Ah-ha, I had hoped to find you here, <name>!
'The folk here keep their distance and give me strange looks, but I see no problem with my outfit, do you? Perhaps I have worn the wrong colour?'