Quest:Crafting: Outfitting the Defenders

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Crafting: Outfitting the Defenders
Level 10
Type Solo
Starts with Efi Plateshaper
Starts at Gondamon
Start Region Ered Luin
Map Ref [20.3S, 96.8W]
Quest Group Crafting
Profession Metalsmith
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Goblins infest the narrow reaches of Rath Teraig, and stout-hearted dwarves keep the southern barricade against them. Their armour will fail before their spirits do, <name>, so we must do for them what we can!

'If you can ask a metalsmith to fashion bronze gloves and a bronze helm, then bring them to me, I will see that the staunch defenders of the barricade receive them.

'You will be paid for your trouble, of course, in coin and other small things, though given the importance of this task no one would presume to ask for payment.'


Efi Plateshaper is eager to outfit the dwarves guarding the barricade to Rath Teraig and asked for your help collecting the necessary pieces of armour.

Objective 1

Efi Plateshaper is at Gondamon, in the Low-lands of Ered Luin.

Efi Plateshaper asked you to bring him bronze gloves and a bronze helm with which he can outfit the defenders of the barricade at Rath Teraig.

Collected bronze gloves
Collected bronze helm
Efi Plateshaper: 'Thank you for these, <name>. Take these coins and other items. I insist, even though the knowledge of the good you are doing for the defenders should be enough.'