Quest:Clearing the Way

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Clearing the Way
Level 25
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Nidgyl
Starts at West Gate
Start Region Bree
Map Ref [29.7S, 52.6W]
Quest Group The Ranger's Offensive
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'My bretheren have been quietly gathering and sending supplies north to a hidden refuge we have settled east of the ruins of Fornost in the North Downs. Unfortunately, the scouts and small convoys we have been using to transport these supplies have suffered frequent ambushes by the Tarkrîp Orcs who infest the hills of Nan Wathren, north and east of Trestlebridge.

'I need to find brave warriors who can travel there and put an end to these Tarkrîp-raiders and clear the way for our supplies.'


Nidgyl is concerned with the Tarkrîp-raiders who have been ambushing the Rangers and their convoys of late in Nan Wathren.

Objective 1

Tarkrîp Orcs can be found in Nan Wathren, north-east of Trestlebridge in the North Downs, far to the north of Bree.

Nidgyl has asked you to defeat the Tarkrîp Orcs in Nan Wathren.

Objective 2

Nidgyl is at Bree-town in Bree-land, far to the south of the North Downs.

You should return to Nidgyl and tell him of your assault against the Tarkrîp Orcs.

'I thank you for your aid in driving back the Tarkrîp Orcs, [name]. While they remain a threat to Trestlebridge and our supply routes, they will think twice before they strike again!'