Quest:Chapter 8: Hill Tribes and Horse-lords

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Chapter 8: Hill Tribes and Horse-lords
Level 92
Type Solo
Starts with Fríthild
Starts at Stoke Mead Hall
Start Region Broadacres
Ends with Herubrand
Ends at Herubrand's Hideout
End Region Stonedeans
Map Ref [46.5S, 79.2W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 12
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I have no close ties with my neighbours to the west, save the oaths we share, but I wish them no harm. If this snake has entered the Stonedeans, they must be warned of the danger he poses. A secret enemy, combined with the dangers they already face, endangers the whole of my Riding. He must be stopped, and now only a few know his face. You have seen it, as has poor, departed Wigbald. Bring this knowledge to Reeve Heremond, in the Stonedeans.

'His seat is in the town of Woodhurst, located in the northern region of the Stonedeans. Heremond is very old, and there are whispers that he has been in poor health of late. If he is indisposed, you should speak to his wife Briant. She is of Dunlendish blood, but she is strong in her own right.'


Reeve Fríthild believes that the man you pursue has gone westward, into the Stonedeans.

Objective 1

  • Travel to the entrance of Woodhurst, in the Stonedeans

Woodhurst is located in the northern stretches of the Stonedeans, west of the Broadacres.

You have arrived at Woodhurst, in the Stonedeans

Objective 2

  • Talk to Nona by the entrance to Woodhurst
  • Talk to Horn by the entrance to Woodhurst

Nona and Horn are at the northern entrance to Woodhurst, in the Stonedeans.

Nona: 'Horn tells me this town is home to many people of Dunlending and Rohirric blood. Do they maintain the traditions both of my people and of Horn's people? Or have they forgotten from where they came in order to survive in this land? I do not see much I recognize of the Uch-lûth in this town. The buildings are wrong, the land is wrong. Will the people prove otherwise?'
Horn: 'This is Woodhurst. I have desired to see it for some time. So near to Dunland, many of the folk of this town share ancestry with the Dunlending tribes. Perhaps Nona and I will be able to find a place here, when all is through?
'That is still a good while hence, I do not doubt it! But my heart tells me that Woodhurst would be more welcoming to us than my own home of Eaworth. Well, we have more pressing matters than this! Let us find Reeve Heremond and report to him of the danger his town may face!'

Objective 3

  • Talk to Briant in the hideout on the outskirts of Woodhurst

Briant is inside her son's hideout, in Woodhurst. You do not know where Reeve Heremond is. The hideout is on the outskirts of Woodhurst.

You should find Reeve Heremond or his wife Briant in Woodhurst, and convey the message from Reeve Fríthild that Woodhurst may be in danger.

Horn: 'I see the Dunlending influence in this place, to be certain.'
Nona: 'This looks like any other village of the horse-lords to me.'
Briant: 'You are welcome in Woodhurst, but you do not see her at her best. My husband has finally succumbed to death, but I cannot properly mourn for him. I must mourn too for our city, for it is held in the grip of Dunlending invaders. The blood of the hill-tribes flows through my veins, but they are no longer my people. When I wed Heremond and came to live in his lands, and when I gave him a son, then I was no longer of my tribe. I was part of a new tribe.
Briant's eyes flash, and you see a fire in them that reminds you of Nona.
'Those who hold the Mead Hall and bring war to my home may share my blood, but they spill the blood of those I love. Now we are enemies. You have my thanks for this warning you bring, but Woodhurst is already imperiled. What is one more threat upon the pile of many? Speak to my son Herubrand. He rules now in place of his father. I will answer any questions of yours I am able.'

Objective 4

  • Talk to Herubrand in the hideout on the outskirts of Woodhurst

Herubrand is in the hideout on the outskirts of Woodhurst.

Briant has told you to speak with her son Herubrand about the situation in Woodhurst.

Herubrand: 'You wish to help? Good. There are not enough folk willing to help with the problems of others in these trying times. My son Herefara is doing all he can, as am I, but we cannot be everywhere. There will always be somewhere we are not. You may not know much of these invaders, but I do. They are called Draig-lûth, and they worship worms and lizards of all sorts, but their loyalty has been bought by Saruman and they go where he commands.
'Defeat these Dunlending invaders, wherever you find them throughout the Stonedeans. You will find Draig-lûth aplenty in Woodhurst, to my sorrow and my mother's.'

Objective 5

  • Defeat Dunlending invaders throughout the Stonedeans (0/10)

Dunlending invaders can be found throughout the Stonedeans, especially in Woodhurst.

Objective 6

  • Talk to Herubrand in the hideout on the outskirts of Woodhurst

Herubrand is in the hideout on the outskirts of Woodhurst.

You have defeated many Dunlending invaders and should report of your success to Herubrand.

Herubrand: 'You have done well, my friend. Soon this land will be free of their clutches. My son and I will do what we can against the Draig-lûth, for they cannot defeat us.'
Herubrand smiles at your puzzled expression.
'I speak not in riddles, <name>, and do not exaggerate my prowess or that of my heir. The Dunlendings cannot defeat us. We are invincible.'