Quest:Chapter 4: Outside the Gate

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Chapter 4: Outside the Gate
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Bósi
Starts at Walls of Moria
Start Region Walls of Moria
Map Ref [51.4S, 5.9W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 1
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'When we arrived at the Hollin Gate some days ago, we found the Doors of Durin sealed by rubble and debris. Our road seems poorly chosen now; I wonder if the Dimrill Gate on the eastern side of the mountains is open.

'Dwarves of our expedition have been working to unearth the Gate, but it is lean and hungry work. Bring them these lunches so that they may harbour strength for the labours ahead.

Travel north up the slope between the rocky walls and you will find workers resting all along the path to the Hollin Gate, and there are more along the edge of the water before the Doors. Speak with Wárr at the Gate when you have done this, and he will have further tasks for you.'


Bósi has asked you to help re-supply the workers attempting to unearth the Hollin Gate with lunches in order to keep their spirits high.

Objective 1

Dwarf-workers can be found north of Bósi's encampment, all along the winding road that runs up to the Hollin Gate.

Bósi has asked you to deliver lunches to the dwarves charged with unearthing the rubble in front of the Hollin Gate, and to then report to Wárr.

Bósi: 'Bring those lunches to the workers along the road north of here that winds up to the Hollin Gate. They will need the sustenance to maintain their strength.'
Bróin: 'You're going the wrong way, friend; these stairs are blocked at the top by a stagnant pool. If you're looking for the road up to the Doors of Durin, you want to turn around. Keep the grey stone of the cliffs on your right, and follow it back the way you came, towards my uncle Bósi.
'If you follow the line of the cliffs, keeping them on your right, you will find the road that winds up to the Doors.'
Dwarf Worker: 'Ah, thank you for this. I was afraid I might waste away without something to eat soon!
'We'll have unearthed the Hollin Gate before too long, but it's not easy work. We work in shifts in order to get the job done as efficiently as possible.'
Dwarf Worker: 'Hello there, and thank you for this lunch. My stomach was just beginning to grumble.
'My kinsmen are wondering what it is we'll find within Khazad-dûm: Lord Balin, alive and well? Great riches of mithril? Countless Orcs and goblins?
'I suppose we'll see, but I'm hoping for the mithril.'
Dwarf Worker: 'This lunch will be just the thing to refresh me after my long labour, and I thank you for it.
'We would not have followed just anyone here to Hollin and the darkness of Khazad-dûm. Lords Bósi and Brogur are young, true, but they are stout of heart and their parents earned great renown as part of Thorin's Company. This could be our chance to achieve glory of the same kind.'
Dwarf Worker: 'Thank you for this lunch. I will eat it in a moment.
'There is something about this lake I do not like, but I cannot figure what it is. It makes me uneasy.'
Dwarf Worker: 'Thank you for the lunch. You are truly courageous to help us thus...or have you not yet heard the tale of Durin's Bane?
'At any rate, you have my thanks!'
Dwarf Worker: 'You have my thanks for the lunch, but I will have to eat it when my shift is done.
'We'll be through this rubble in no time. 'Tis odd, though; my pick tells me that this debris hasn't yet settled. I'd wager a waggonful of Moria-silver that this collapse happened recently.'
Dwarf Worker: 'Ah, a prepared lunch! Lord Bósi is doing a fine job keeping us fed and rested. We will repay both him and Lord Brogur with all our strength, and be through this rubble in no time!
'What will we find beyond this Gate, I wonder?'

Objective 2

The dwarf Wárr is at the Hollin Gate, supervising the workers there.

Now that you have delivered the lunches to the dwarf-workers along the road to the Hollin Gate, you should speak with Wárr for further engagement.

Wárr: 'You have come at just the right time, <name>. We're really going through pickaxes up here, and if we break any more it will hinder our progress in digging out the Hollin Gate.
'Bring these broken pickaxes back to Lord Bósi, and tell him that we'll need some replacements, and quickly, if we are to continue making good progress.
'You will find him near the bank of the Sirannon, south of the winding road that ends here at the Gate.'

Objective 3

Bósi is overseeing some of the waggons near the banks of the dried-up Sirannon, south of the road that winds up to the Hollin Gate.

Wárr has asked you to deliver a supply of broken pickaxes to Bósi and to request replacements.

Wárr: 'Bring those pick-axes to Lord Bósi and request some replacements, or we will have to abandon the work here at the Hollin Gate until we can make more tools.'
Bósi: 'Oh, I see. These pickaxes are broken, which means that unless we can get replacements to Wárr, all work on excavating the Hollin Gate will be suspended. We have to do something about this, <name>, and quickly!'