Quest:Chapter 4.2: The Only Place

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Chapter 4.2: The Only Place
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Harthalín
Starts at Agarnaith
Start Region Agarnaith
Map Ref [52.9S, 27.8E]
Ends with Harthalín
Ends at Talath Úrui
End Region Talath Úrui
Map Ref [58.2S, 25.6E]
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 4
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'I have an idea, <name>. Each of the Masters of Mordor has walked in this land longer than either of us, and they know its out of the way corners better than we could ever hope to do. Even I [ High Elf: we], who fought during the siege of Barad-dûr at the end of the Second Age and saw the shape of the land then, cannot pretend to the knowledge of those who seek to rule Mordor now.

'But there is one who has demonstrated such knowledge of this land to us. Do you remember? I do not trust him, for who truly could, but he has watched the movements of our enemies and knows somewhat of their motivations.

'I speak of Zaghárog, <name>. The spirit in the stone may have seen more than we, and know of the place the Masters will settle upon for their council.'


Harthalín believes the meeting of the Masters will take place, but if you are to make use of this information you must learn what location each of them might trust.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Zaghárog outside the Caverns of Fire, in Talath Urui

The watching-stone inhabited by the spirit Zaghárog is on the road to the Caverns of Fire, in Talath Urui.

Harthalín: 'I do not trust this creature, but he may have seen that which is hidden to us.'
Watching-stone: There is silence in your mind for so long you begin to doubt that Zaghárog will speak to you. Then, just as you are about to turn away, presence returns. The questioning sea buffets you as before.
'Where will the Masters seek to meet?' you ask of the spirit. The only reply is silence.
'Have such meetings occurred before?' you try again, but Zaghárog does not reply. The questioning sea recedes, leaving behind only sand and silt. Skeletal fish wriggle madly on the dry bed, gasping and dying.
Then you notice their number: nine fish die in the water's absence. The presence in the darkness that is Zaghárog watches you closely, and the fish are gone. A sudden flash of light blinds you with its brilliance, and you recognize a flat space with sparse trees near many falls, in the southern reaches of Lhingris. Hateful chittering fills your ears, and you know there is a malevolent creature behind you, but you are unable to turn and face it. Then you hear the voice of Atli Spider-bane, and you know he hunts the creature that stalks you.
Zaghárog makes his demand, and his desire fills your mind and echoes in your ears.
'Kill,' he says.

Objective 2

  • Find the area in Lhingris near the falls, and fulfil Zaghárog's demand

Zaghárog showed you a particular area in Lhingris and asked you to kill the creature there.

Harthalín: Zaghárog has proven he gives nothing for free, <name>. What has he asked you to do this time?'
Atli Spider-bane "Atli has been wounded, but he has not yet found the foe strong enough to do him in. May his good fortune continue!"
Atli Spider-bane says, "I almost killed it... but now it returns!"
Your mighty blow defeated Erchwanath.
The creature falls dead. May this be enough for Zaghárog
Atli Spider-bane says, "Ha ha! Well done!"

Objective 3

  • Talk to Zaghárog outside the Caverns of Fire, in Talath Urui

The watching-stone inhabited by the spirit Zaghárog is on the road to the Caverns of Fire, in Talath Urui.

Atli Spider-bane: 'Thank you for finishing the job, <name>! That was quite a fight!'
Harthalín: 'You have done as the spirit asked. Now let us see if he will do as he promised.'
Watching-stone: Unlike your previous visit, Zaghárog does not make you wait this time. He is present immediately, with a hungering and eager need.
'The spider is slain,' you say, and Zaghárog‘s confusion is apparent. You see the hidden gully in Lhingris once again, and feel the stalking shadow, and hear Atli Spider-bane bellow his battle-cry. A feeling of great insistence spears at you, over and over.
'The spider,' you say once again, and Zaghárog responds at once: 'The dwarf.'
'No,' you respond.
You are buffeted by disappointment and anger. The spirit's rage is a crushing ceiling that presses down on you. It is a cauldron of boiling fire that scalds you. It is a torrent of icy rain that freezes and pierces your skin. It passes, and Zaghárog's rage is replaced with a sullen resentment.
'Where will the Masters meet?' you ask once again, and Zaghárog shows you the nine dying fish, inexplicably and inexorably breathing their last.
Finally, the images fade, and your feet are compelled to walk to the north-west. Zaghárog remains, nursing his disappointment, but you are confident that he has given you what you need.

Objective 4

  • Zaghárog told you to walk to the north-west

Zaghárog told you to walk to the north-west. Will this provide your answer?

Mount Doom fills your vision, and you know at once: the Masters will meet on the slopes of Orodruin

Objective 5

  • Talk to Harthalín by the road to Nargroth

Harthalín is by the road to Nargroth, on the eastern edge of Talath Urui.

Harthalín: 'Of course! How did I not see it? Orodruin stands between the lands the Masters of Mordor have claimed for themselves, and on the slopes of Mount Doom they will feel most secure from the treachery of their rivals!
'That is where the meeting will take place. I am certain of it.'