Quest:Chapter 3: Journey to Combe

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Chapter 3: Journey to Combe
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Constable Underhill
Starts at The Comb and Wattle Inn
Start Region Bree-land
Map Ref [28.7S, 49.3W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 9
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Golodir? I have never heard of him, but he sounds like one of those Rangers, like Toradan. If he's anything like Toradan was, I don't see any reason to doubt him.

'Well, I'm not sure about this Knight you speak of, but there is a new threat in Chetwood, much more powerful than anything you've come across in the past. Perhaps he is the Knight you seek.

'You can find him at his camp near the evil idol in the Chetwood. It is not hard to find, north-east of here.'


Constable Underhill mentioned that there is a new threat in the Chetwood and that maybe it is the Knight whom you seek.

Objective 1

The Knight of Mordirith can be found near an evil idol in the Chetwood, north-east of Combe.

Constable Underhill told you how to find the threat in the Chetwood, which might be the Knight you seek.

Bhaltair: 'Why do you come to trouble me, fool? I have many things to do here for Mordirith...
'What? You have defeated the Steward and left the throne to Amarthiel? Prepare to die!'
  • Kill the Knight of Mordirith
Bhaltair says, "Now you will die!"

Objective 2

Constable Underhill is outside The Comb and Wattle in Combe, south-west of the Knight's camp.

Having defeated the Knight of Mordirith, you return to Constable Underhill and let him know that the threat is ended.

Constable Underhill: 'It was the knight you sought, and you have slain him? I am impressed. It is not often we get heroes of your ilk in these parts.
'Thank you for your help. Please tell your friend Golodir that your deed is done, and I will make sure we do something about that dreadful idol. It seems to attract an awful lot of attention.'