Quest:Chapter 3: Bósi the Dwarf

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Chapter 3: Bósi the Dwarf
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Tulk
Starts at The Walls of Moria
Start Region The Walls of Moria
Map Ref [50.7S, 7.2W]
Ends with Bósi
End Region The Walls of Moria
Map Ref [51.4S, 5.9W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 1
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I've written a report for you to bring to Bósi, <name>. Show him this document and he will determine how best to utilise your assistance.

'You will find Bósi near some of the waggons beyond the rocky outcropping to the south-east. Just follow the road as it bends around the outcropping and turns north-east.'


Tulk has asked you to bring a report to Bósi, the leader of the expedition of dwarves. Bósi's kin have come to Hollin purposing to enter Moria.

Objective 1

Bósi is overseeing some of the waggons along the road through Hollin, south-east from the Hollin Gate and then bending to the north-east.

Tulk has given you a report to bring to Bósi, one of the dwarves leading the expedition to Hollin.

Tulk: 'If you follow the road south-east as it bends around the rocky outcropping you see there, you will find Bósi by the waggons as the road turns north-east.
'Bring him the report I gave you. He will find something for you to do to aid in our efforts here.'
Bósi: 'Thank you for bringing me this, <name>, and also for your efforts on our behalf. Our work here has been going more slowly than we expected.
'My cousin Brogur and I determined to seek Balin within Moria some months ago, but it took many weeks to assemble an expedition of dwarves willing to accompany us. We chose a roundabout way over the mountains so as to speak with Lord Glóin, a close friend of our fathers, about Khazad-dûm.
'His words were grim; I do not think he believes that our expedition will succeed. 'It has been too long without a word,' he said to us, 'for Balin son of Fundin to live still within the Mines.' I am beginning to perceive the likelihood of his warning, <name>.'