Quest:Carving Out A Home

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Carving Out A Home
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Ambassador Spakorth
Starts at Hall Under the Mountain
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [29.5N, 25.6W]
Ends with Auto-complete
Quest Group Erebor
Quest Chain Under the Mountain
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Hail, <name>! What did King Thorin have to say?'

You explain that King Thorin has welcomed the Stout-axes to dwell within Erebor, but he also wishes for the Stout-axes to contribute to Durin's Folk in return to his mercy.

'I am... overwhelmed. Such kindness has never been given to my folk, and the terms he has offered are more than fair. To live and work among the dwarves of Erebor would be an honour!

'I have heard that many of the dwarves of Erebor are fond of crafting the mountain itself. If you were to gather loose stones from the slopes of Erebor, our rune-carvers could shape them into rune-stones for the King and his folk.

'Gather as many as you can bear, and bring them to our rune-carvers. They will know what to do!'


Ambassador Spakorth wishes to offer the finely-honed skills of Stout-axe rune-carvers to Erebor.

Objective 1

Crude stones can be found along the western slopes of Erebor.

Ambassador Spakorth has asked you to gather crude stones from the slopes of Erebor that they might be carved into rune-stones by the Stout-axes.

Collected crude stones from the slopes of Erebor (12/12)

Objective 2

Stout-axe rune-carvers can be found in Erebor.

You have gathered many stones from the slopes of Erebor and should now deliver them to the Stout-axe rune-carvers in Erebor.

Giving ...
Stout-axe Rune-carver says, "Oh, I shall carve this in a moment...."
Stout-axe Rune-carver says, "Yes, yes. Of course!"
Stout-axe Rune-carver says, "It is the least I can do for Durin's Folk!"
Stout-axe Rune-carver says, "Hah! Well, all the meat is carved, so I suppose a stone will have to do!"
Stout-axe Rune-carver says, "A rune-stone? I shall carve one at once!"
Stout-axe Rune-carver says, "Such skill...I will do what I can!"
Delivered the crude stones to Stout-axe rune-carvers in Erebor (6/6)

Objective 3

  • Completed

You have delivered many crude stones to the Stout-axe rune-carvers.

Remote Quest Advance: As Ambassador Spakorth asked, you delivered many stones of Erebor to the Stout-axe rune-carvers. Through their skill, they will be able to create impressive rune-stones for King Thorin III and Durin's Folk.