Quest:Bounty: The Perfect Curl

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Bounty: The Perfect Curl
Level 20
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes, 3 times
Starts with Sage Hayseed
Starts at Nen Harn
Start Region Bree-land
Map Ref [22.4S, 44.0W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I came to the north to find tusks, a prized item for hunters throughout Bree. The tusks that I seek sit aside antlers within establishments to hang cloaks and overcoats upon. I have been tasked with collecting a good many of these, but the number of Orcs in the area, frankly, gives me pause to venture too far from our camp.

'You seem a bit more hardy than I, and I am willing to pay you for collecting the tusks which I need. Are you willing to help me?'


Sage Hayseed asked that you collect perfect tusks from boars througout the northern Bree-fields to help her with the orders she is out there to fill.

Objective 1

Boars can be found in the northernmost Bree-fields.

Sage Hayseed has asked you to hunt boars for their tusks and return the tusks to her at the camp near the lakes in the north Bree-fields.

Sage Hayseed: 'You will find boars all over these lands. Hunt them for their tusks and return to me when you have several.
Sage Hayseed: 'These are perfect!
'I owe you a great deal, friend. Here, please take these and know that you have helped me greatly.'