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Level 43
Type Solo
Starts with Nogmeldir
Starts at Vindurhal
Start Region The Misty Mountains
Map Ref [23.3S, 4.3E]
Quest Group Misty Mountains
Quest Chain Dire Pack
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I know this is asking much of you, but if Thorgest believes that the only way we might learn something from the Wargs of Starkhath is to challenge their leader, then I see no other way forwards.

Glorwen's life may hang in the balance -- if she yet lives at all. For her sake as well as yours take care and arm yourself well.'


Thorgest told you that you may be able to learn of Glorwen's fate by confronting their pack leader, Blackfang.

Objective 1

The totem of challenge is in the centre of the ruins of Starkhath.

Nogmeldir has asked you to find the totem and call out the Warg-leader Blackfang.

Nogmeldir: 'Seek the Wargs' Totem of Challenge, <name> may learn something of Glorwen's fate.'
Blackfang says, "Who dares? You are not of the pack, and yet you would challenge me? So be it..."
Blackfang says, "Grr-iiipe! Enough! I...I yield...."
Blackfang says, "You want the Elf? She means nothing to us."
Blackfang says, "The goblins came and took her...down into their caves. There she will remain until they torment her to death."
Blackfang says, "Now go! I shall not cede the pack to one such as you...challenge or no."
<the audience wargs attack Blackfang>
Blackfang says, "What is the meaning of this? Stop!"
Blackfang says, "No! I lead you! Graahh!"
Tempest Warg says, "So do the weak die to make room for the strong...but you do not belong here. Now go..."

Objective 2

Return to Nogmeldir at Vindurhal and tell him of Glorwen's capture by the goblins of Goblin-town.

Nogmeldir: 'Your tidings chill me to the bone <name>. Few are those who have escaped from the dark, twisted caves of Goblin-town once they have ventured within.
'The hatred of the goblins for my kin is great, and Glorwen's torments will be long and cruel at their hands.
'We must prepare -- by stealth of force or arms -- to rescue her, for even should we lose a dozen heroes to the darts and blades of the goblins, still our suffering will be as nothing compared to hers should we leave her to their devices!'