Quest:Beastly Things

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Beastly Things
Level 47
Type Solo
Starts with Keli
Starts at Zigilgund
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [9.4N, 81.2W]
Quest Group Forochel
Quest Chain Peikko-slayer
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'So, do you fancy yourself a bit of a hunter? Ha! Of course you do! Few make it through the wastes of Forochel without collecting a tidy variety of trophies. Well, if you are looking for a challenge -- something a little out of the ordinary -- I've got one for you.

'Have you seen the man-shaped, white-furred, snout-faced snow-beasts? They are clever, they are devilishly strong, and they are hard to kill. The Lossoth call them peikko, and they are becoming a more and more serious threat as their numbers increase.

'Kill several of them, and your legacy will be assured. They can be found all over, but especially in a cave they have infested. Go directly east of here and up the side of the hill and look for a cave entrance.'


Peikko have long terrorized the snowdrifts of Länsi-mâ. The time has come to deal with them.

Objective 1

Peikko can be found east and up the mountains from Zigilgund, in a cave.

Keli has asked you to defeat a number of peikko.

Keli: 'What are you doing here? Afraid or just forgetful? Go kill those peikko! East and up the hill, I said!'

Objective 2

Keli can be found at Zigilgund, west of the peikko-cave.

You should return to Keli with news of your victory.

Keli: 'Ha! I hope you gave those abominable creatures a taste of your blade, <name>!
'That is not the end of the matter, though...there is more to do.'