Quest:Arnmórth the Exacting

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Arnmórth the Exacting
Level 47
Type Fellowship
Starts with Thórth
Starts at Zigilgund
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [9.4N, 81.2W]
Quest Group Forochel
Quest Chain The Icereave Mines
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Right! That ought to just about do it. The key be fixed.

'One of my cohorts caught an' interrogated a Dourhand just a little while ago, and found out that they're bein' led by a right vicious dwarf, name of Arnmórth the Exacting. He's the greediest Dourhand since Skorgrím: thinks o' nothin' but gold and how to keep it. Ye'll need help defeatin' him, just to warn ye: he's likely to have plenty o' guards.

'Now, take this key, find his quarters, open that door, and give 'im what for! ...And bring the key back when yer done -- once the Icereave Mines be ours again, we'll be wantin' to use that room.'


Thórth has fixed the broken key, and wants you to gather allies and find and defeat Arnmórth the Exacting within the Icereave Mines.

Objective 1

Find the inner office within the Icereave Mines. Bring allies.

Thórth: 'Go find the quarters of Arnmórth the Exacting in the Icereave Mines, and defeat him! ...I've fixed the key for ye, what else're ye waitin' on?'
Dourhand Captain says, "You aren't permitted here!"
Arnmórth the Exacting says, "I will suffer no interruption of work!"
Arnmórth the Exacting says, "Why must I be surrounded by fools and incompetents?"
Arnmórth the Exacting says, "I suppose I must deal with you myself!"
Defeated Arnmórth the Exacting

Objective 2

Return to Thórth at Zigilgund with the key, and report your defeat of Arnmórth the Exacting.

Thórth: 'Hah, excellent! I'll wager Arnmórth didn't even know wha' hit him!
'<name>, ye will always have a welcome by the fires an' at the tables within the Icereave Mines -- once they're ours again. Ye've more than earned a reward.'