Quest:An Uneasy Peace

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An Uneasy Peace
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Arvellon
Starts at Glaniath
Start Region Upper Lebennin
Map Ref [81.0S, 29.7W]
Ends with Arvellon
Ends at Glaniath
End Region Upper Lebennin
Map Ref [81.0S, 29.7W]
Quest Chain Glaniath
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'I have been trying for days now to convince the people to leave... to seek shelter in Tumladen.

'It is a great and fortified shelter for our people, one of a few in Gondor, and the brother to one that lies within the lands of Rohan. It is more than able to house all of the people of Lebennin and beyond, and its walls would keep us from the growing war in Gondor.

'My folk are headstrong, traveller. They think that since Pelargir has been reclaimed and no foes have come to our doors that we are safe. I do not think it so!

'Would you speak to them for me? Urge them to reconsider before it is too late!'


The people of Glaniath have remained relatively sheltered from the horrors of war, but it is unclear how long this peace will last.

Objective 1

Arvellon's folk can be found throughout Glaniath in Upper Lebennin.

Arvellon has asked you to convince his people to seek refuge in Tumladen.

Hador says, "We have lost so much already... I cannot bear to lose my children as well. I shall heed your request, traveller."
Lothwen says, "I would sooner burn my crops than abandon my home! Who are you to speak for the Steward?"
Mileth says, "Let the Enemy blot out the sky! I shall not be moved!"
Tornir says, "If we surrender to fear now, then for what were all our toils?"
Urged folk in Glaniath to seek refuge in Tumladen (4/4)

Objective 2

Arvellon can be found at the southern entrance to Glaniath in Upper Lebennin.

You have urged the folk to seek shelter in Tumladen and should now return to Arvellon.

Arvellon: 'I cannot say I'm surprised that many of them ignored your advice to seek shelter... they have paid me no mind either since the skies went dark.
'Still... I thank you for trying on my behalf. I only wish to see my people safely through this war, but it remains their choice to make.'