Quest:An Invitation to the Spring Festival

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An Invitation to the Spring Festival
Level 1
Type Solo
Starts with
Paper Sheet 1 (quest)-icon.png
Invitation to the Spring Festival
Starts at Mailbox
Ends with Gil Plover or
Ends at The Hedge Maze or
The Festival Garden
Quest Group Festival
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

From: Party Planner
To: <name>
Subject: Happy Spring!
Welcome to the festivities of another fine spring in Middle-earth! We have many events for you this year, including the shrew-infested garden in Duillond, the windingHedge Maze in the Horsefields of Bree, the Feast of the Greenfields, and all other offerings being offered across the lands.
A happy spring to you!
Opal Goodbody

Dear friend,

There are many events to enjoy during the Spring Festival. This message is meant to guide you to the featured Spring Games in Duillond and in the Horsefields of Bree.

Your reward will be a guide to the events of the Festival, along with a token to start you on your way.


You have received a plea for aid from the gardening Elves of Duillond.

Objective 1

The Hedge Maze can be found in the Horsefields of Bree and the Stomp-a-Shrew event can be found in Duillond.

You should visit the two respective events if you wish to learn more of them.

Maengamiel: 'I am so glad you are come! Will you hear my tale of woes, my dear <race>?
'The shrews have attacked our poor garden once again, making it impossible to finish growing our dear plants. They are so very persistent!
'I'm afraid the shrews will need a rather forceful argument from anyone who has a spare moment to assist us....'
Gil Plover: 'Hello there! Are you here to race among the hedges this fine spring? It is a good reason to challenge yourself with the many adventures to be found within the maze.'