Quest:Against the Cold

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Against the Cold
Level 47
Type Solo
Starts with Nôra
Starts at Sûri-kylä
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [19.5N, 71.4W]
Quest Group Forochel
Quest Chain Against the Cold
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It is strange to see so many strangers this far north. Sûri-kylä has not seen anything like it since the old times. At least, that is what the old tales tell. We have had so many traders, yet provisions are still short. There has been a long cold, and many have felt a change in the winds. The Elders fear that we may not see an end to this bitterness for some time.

'One supply that I am in great need of is bear-fur. It is used in many of our clothes and rituals, but the hunters have had great difficulty in obtaining any.

'The bears often wander down by the bay hunting for fish just south of Sûri-kylä. If you would go there and collect some bear-fur for me, I may find a way to reward you for your services.'


A terrible wind has come from Angmar, bringing with it a freezing winter.

Objective 1

Bears can be found south of Sûri-kylä across the ice bay.

Nôra has asked you to help supply the village of Sûri-kylä for the winter by collecting bear-fur.

Nôra: 'Have you found any bear fur yet? It will be a cold winter if we can not obtain more soon. The bears usually hunt for fish south of Sûri-kylä across the ice bay; you should hunt them there.'

Objective 2

Nôra is at Sûri-kylä.

You should take the furs you collected to Nôra.

Nôra: 'You have returned with the bear-fur! Our hunters and trappers will be very grateful for your fine work.'