Quest:A Trap for the Creature

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A Trap For The Creature
Level 38
Type Solo only
Starts with Garbert
Starts at Garbert's Cottage
Start Region The Trollshaws
Map Ref [38.3S, 14.5W]
Ends with Wistan
Ends at Echad Candelleth
End Region The Trollshaws
Map Ref [36.9S, 14.2W]
Quest Group Trollshaws
Quest Chain The Creeping Shadow
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'If we place these fish beneath the open window of my cottage, I reckon we might surprise him when he returns to try for the cradle again. Little will it know that Afanen will have Whelan safely away.

'Let me know when you are ready to go, <name>, and we can prepare. I'm no hunter, so I sent word to a friend of mine, a hunter named Adwold, to lend a hand. He'll meet us later.'


Garbert has devised a new plan for catching the sneaking creature.

Objective 1

Garbert is at his cottage, in Tâl Bruinen.

Garbert has devised a new plan for catching the sneaking creature, and he will need your help to carry it out.

Garbert: 'Are you ready to go? Let us prepare the trap to catch this creature.'
This is a Solo quest, and cannot be completed with a Fellowship.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Garbert

Garbert is at his cottage south of Echad Candelleth, at a fork in the river Bruinen.

You should speak with Garbert regarding the creature.

Garbert: 'I have never seen such a creature! Are you sure it won't return?'
'Nevertheless, I shall remain wary, until I am certain myself. You have my thanks, though.'
'You should probably take those arrows back to your hunter friend.'

Objective 3

Wistan is at his campfire at Echad Candelleth, the Elf-camp in Tâl Bruinen, north of Garbert's cottage.

Garbert suggested that you bring Wistan's arrows back to him.

Wistan: 'Arrows, but no hart? Did I miss?
'Ah! I was beaten to the carcass by a creeping beast. It is the height of humiliation.
'I suppose we should be thankful that the fisherman and his wife were unharmed.'