Quest:A Threat to Pembar

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A Threat to Pembar
Level 49
Type Solo
Starts with Faenhilith
Starts at Echad Eregion
Start Region Eregion
Map Ref [47.0S, 12.5W]
Quest Group Eregion
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The ruins of Pembar are a sad place, once filled with the music of harps and the soft tap of jeweller's hammers. Now it is filled with the stench of rotten flesh and evil beasts.

'One of these monsters has been spreading the filth of his kind throughout the ruins of Pembar, a great worm: Nethgarch. Go to Pembar and seek out this worm-sire. Without him, this line of worms will fail.

'Pembar is north-east of Echad Eregion and south-east of Glâd Ereg. He will be lurking somewhere within the ruins.'


While the worms of Pembar are likely led by a matron, there can be no offspring without a sire.

Objective 1

Pembar is north-east of Echad Eregion and south-east of Glâd Ereg.

Faenhilith has asked you to travel to Pembar and slay the worm-sire Nethgarch.

Faenhilith: 'Nethgarch may be found at Pembar, north-east of Echad Eregion and south-east of Glâd Ereg.'
Defeat Nethgarch, Worm-sire

Objective 2

Faenhilith is in Echad Eregion, south-west of Pembar.

You should return to Faenhilith with news of your victory against Nethgarch.

Faenhilith: 'The beast is slain? The worms have never encroached this far south; it is ill tidings for one who still dwells east of the Sea.
'But you have accomplished much, <name>, and should be rewarded for your valour.'