Quest:A Shortage of Boots

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A Shortage of Boots
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with Santmereth
Starts at The Festival Garden
Start Region Ered Luin
Map Ref [24.8S, 93.2W]
Quest Chain A Shortage of Boots
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'This event is a disaster! If the shrew infestation wasn't enough to ruin our spring celebration, we now have a shortage of boots!

'They're not just any boots, you see. They're specially made by the boot-maker here in Duillond. He uses great care and technique to make a very special boot that is just menacing enough to discourage the shrews from remaining here.

'Can you please go find out what is holding up his next shipment? I worry that I will be out of Shrew-stomping boots by the end of today.'


The Shrew-stomping event is running out of special non-harming boots to repel shrews from the Festival Garden of Duillond.

NOTE: This quest will be removed from your quest log when the current festival ends.

Objective 1

The Boot-maker can usually be found near the ovens of Duillong.

You should speak with the Boot-maker to find out what is delaying his next shipment.

Santmereth: 'If we run out of boots, I don't know what will happen to us….'
Deluraw: 'I don't even particularly like making boots. And I especially don't like that weaver fellow.'
You have helped Deluraw with a task

Objective 2

  • Tell Santmereth that the boots shipment is back on schedule

Santmereth can be found in the Festival Garden of Duillond.

You should tell Santmereth that the boot shipment is in better shape now that you've lended a hand to the Boot-maker.

Santmereth: 'So we are back on schedule, then? That is good, <name>. I was growing very anxious. I hope the Boot-maker did not give you too much trouble.
'Please, do not hesitate to speak with me again tomorrow. I have a feeling this Boot-maker is not quite prepared for the volume of our demands.'