Quest:A Shield Against Adversity

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A Shield Against Adversity
Level 15
Type Solo
Starts with Any Guardian Trainer
Ends with Oswin Leek
Ends at North Gate
End Region Bree
Map Ref [28.5S, 52.3W]
Quest Group Guardian
Class Guardian
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We share a bond, <name>, that few others can know. Wherever there is battle, you will find us there. Wherever there is hardship, we will stand against it. Wherever good people are threatened, we stand before them with shield in hand or blade at the ready, and do not stand down until it is safe once more.

'We are guardians of the people, Man, dwarf, Elf, and hobbit, and we must be strong in their defence.

'Oswin Leek is a guardian of great skill in these lands, and he can guide your further training. Look for him at the North-gate of the town of Bree, and listen well, for he has defended the people of Bree-land for many summers.'


A mighty guardian is known by the scars he bears and the dents in his armour, for he is always at the forefront of battle, protecting those in his company from harm.

Objective 1

The mighty guardian Oswin Leek is outside the North-gate of the town of Bree.

You have been told to speak with Oswin Leek for further instruction in the ways of the guardian.

Guardian Trainer: 'Look for oswin Leek at the North-gate of the town of Bree. He is a mighty guardian andy may be able to help you hone your skills.'
Oswin Leek: 'I welcome you to Bree, Guardian <name>, but I confess I do not have the time to spare in idle conversation -- there are brigands about, and though they have suffered some measure of defeat of late, they are still on the Bree-fields and within the Andrath, and their recent losses only stir them to boldness.
'Unless I am very much mistaken, you surely seek every opportunity to strengthen yourself. Well, I have many such opportunities available! Indeed, the brigands seem eager to present them to us! The worthy farmers of Bree-land are hard put to it, though, and we must protect their lands and their lives whenever either are threatened.
'I will set out to deal with brigands attacks to the north, but I need you elsewhere. Burle Pierson lives on a farm to the south of Bree-town, and he has reported several raids on his land. Each time he has fought them off, but he says they always return with more men, and soon he will be unable to resist them. Help him defend his farm, <name>, and the training will surely be of use to you.'

Objective 2

Burle Pierson is at his farm south of Bree.

The mighty guardian Oswin Leek has asked you to help Burle Pierson defend his farm from the escalating raids of the brigands.

Oswin Leek: 'You'll find Burle Pierson's farm to the south of the town of Bree, rather near to the Andrath. Speak to him and help him fight off the brigands that often raid his land.'
Burle Pierson: 'You are the guardian, <name>? I am glad to hear it, for the brigands have been a constant threat to me and mine, and I don't know how much longer I can fight them off!
'Let us walk about my property and keep watch for any of the brigands that might have designs on my land. They said they would be back with great number, and I fear they will keep their oath!'
Burle Pierson says, "Let us look for sign of the brigands, friend guardian. Stay close."
Burle Pierson says, "I don't see anyone yet."
Burle Pierson says, "I knew it! Here come the villains!"
Burle Pierson says, "Stay alert. There are sure to be more."
Burle Pierson says, "I will end you, villain!"
Blackwold Raider says, "Culvert will never stop until he has this land, Pierson!"
Burle Pierson says, "Nice shot, son!"
Burle Pierson says, "I don't think these brigands counted on you being here, friend!"
Burle Pierson says, "Cole Culvert won't be pleased that his men can't drive us away. Not at all!"
Burle Pierson says, "I think there are some hiding among my crops. Let us take them by surprise!"
Burle Pierson says, "Careful, now!"
Cole Culvert says, "Your guardian may have stopped my men, Pierson, but I will still prevail!"
Cole Culvert says, "I will take this land, Pierson!"
Cole Culvert says, "Land bought with blood is the most valuable!"
Cole Culvert says, "My blood stains the land I sought!"
You have successfully defended Pierson's Farm
Burle Pierson says, "My farm is saved! I thank you for your great help, friend guardian!"

Objective 3

Oswin Leek is at the North-gate of Bree.

You have done as Oswin Leek asked, and Burle Pierson's farm is safe from the brigands. Guardian Leek is waiting to speak with you.

Burle Pierson: 'You go tell Oswin Leek what a help you were to me. He's usually at the North-gate of Bree.'
Oswin Leek: 'The light in your eye tells me that you have aided Burle Pierson with the defence of his farm, <name>, and I am glad to hear it! It is a guardian's lot to put himself between danger and those who need protecting.
'Always remember that every battle makes you tougher, <name>. Even now, your arm is stronger and your senses keener than when last I saw you. Train often, and you will find your ability to fend off attacks increasing. Indeed, that is already the case!
'Go forth, Guardian <name>, and protect the good peoples of Middle-earth from the dangers the face. It is your lot to do so.'