Quest:A Shadow on the Camp

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A Shadow on the Camp
Level 62
Type Solo
Starts with Mothelen
Starts at Echad Mothelen
Start Region Mirkwood
Map Ref [13.5S, 58.1W]
Quest Group Mirkwood
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'<name>, we must learn the root cause of the goblins' fear. Something is taking place at Burgûl-stazg, and it must be stopped, but first we must learn exactly what it is.

'You should go to Burgûl-stazg and see if you can find anything out, but be careful not to be seen by the guards. Detection of your presence may make your quest more difficult. Look for goblins that are especially nervous.

'Return to me when you have learned more.'


The goblin-deserters roaming the Dourstocks indicated that something their leaders were up to in Burgûl-stazg was the cause of their desertion.

Objective 1

Burgûl-stazg lies to the north-west of Echad Mothelen.

Mothelen has asked you gather information from nervous goblins at Burgûl-stazg; however, he also warned you to avoid being seen by the guards of the goblin-camp.

Mothelen: '<name>, enter Burgûl-stazg and gather the knowledge we require.'
Nervous Goblin says, "What do you want! Leave me alone!"
Nervous Goblin says, "Grishbugud must give it back! It belongs to the dead Men!"
Nervous Goblin says, "You won't make me go any closer to that beastly thing!"
Nervous Goblin says, "Death is better than Burgûl-stazg!"
Nervous Goblin says, "Dead Men don't belong here!"
Found a deserter's note

Objective 2

Mothelen is at Echad Mothelen, south-east from Burgûl-stazg.

You should bring the deserter's note to Mothelen with what you have learned.

Mothelen: 'This note is written in their foul Black Speech, but I know somewhat of it.
'Interesting! The goblins have stolen an idol from the haunted ruins. It is no wonder that they are terrified. I dare not consider the horrors they have unleashed!'