Quest:A Ring Wandered Away

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A Ring Wandered Away
Level 19
Type Solo
Starts with Wandering Shade
Starts at The Dead Spire
Start Region Northern Barrow-downs
Map Ref [32.1S, 55.1W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'All was silence;
now the sound of steel
rings from battles past
long beyond the laying of bones;
stirred by evil's passage
my brother walks again,
so too our foes.

'Duty-bound we stand as one,
lost as he may be.
A lord he rose and, solemn,
buried me.

'My shield calls to my arm,
my ring calls to my hand,
my sight departed as my life,
our oaths bind us still;
protect and serve this land.'


A shade found wandering the Barrow-downs -- meaning no ill, it seems -- felt the pull of its brother and struggles to appease whatever force has returned to awaken them.

Objective 1

  • Seek the Wandering Shade's barrow

Cryptic as it may be, it appears the shade is looking for something. Perhaps you can search the many barrows throughout the north Barrow-downs for clues.

Wandering Shade: 'Long did I rest,
now awake, as vengeance claims trinkets
to call a curse upon our bones.
'As it was in life,
so too in death.
His curse on us still
as we yearn for sleep.
'My ring, forgotten,
may still be found.
Speed along, living,
to a tomb of ground'
The earth here is undisturbed, perhaps north.
The earth here is undisturbed, perhaps south-west.
The earth here is undisturbed, perhaps west.
The earth appears undisturbed, head south.
The earth here was recently disturbed

Objective 2

  • Move the slab before the Shade's tomb and defeat the wight within to obtain the Shade's ring (0/1)

The Wandering Shade's barrow is in the northern Barrow-downs.

Your investigation lead you to a barrow where the earth was recently disturbed by the movement of the heavy, stone door to the grave within the mound. You should search the barrow, for signs that link the shade to this location.

Barrow-wight Slave says, "Fool of a shade! My master the Bone Man has made a thrall of your shield-brother!"
Barrow-wight Slave says, "And you... a living fool soon to be dead... I will send you into the shadow world too!"
Barrow-wight Slave says, "So come to me now, fools... Come and die!"
You have obtained the Shade's ring

Objective 3

The Wandering Shade roams the northern Barrow-downs.

You have found the Wandering Shade's ring and should now return it to its owner.

Wandering Shade: 'Help my hand, now to his arm, lost too, lost too.'