Quest:A Respectable Ritual

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A Respectable Ritual
Level 45
Type Solo
Starts with Kaj
Starts at Pynti-peldot
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [11.4N, 69.4W]
Quest Group Forochel
Quest Chain Capture the Bride
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Greetings, Sivullinen. I am Kaj of the Lumi-väki, also named Warg-skinner, Claw-wearer, Plague of the Susi-väki, and Spearer of the Ancient Mursu. I am embarking upon a delicate endeavour: an ancient Lumi-väki ritual. I will need certain things.

'Go to Altti the trapper at Jänis-leiri, west along the road, and ask him to loan me his sledge. I will also need rope. There should be a few extra coils at the scout-camp, out on a little island on the other side of the road, south of here. And furs, thick, soft, and warm; I do not care what kind of animal they are from. Something that will feel good on soft skin... what kind of look is that to give me? It is part of the ritual!

'I do not have time for this; I must prepare. Go find these things for me, or get out of my sight and stay out of my way!'


Kaj, the son of the Lossoth-chieftain Ora, seeks to perform an ancient and time-honoured ritual.

Objective 1

The rope is at a scout's encampment just to the south of Pynti-peldot in Forochel. The sledge needs to be borrowed from Altti the trapper at Jänis-leiri, the Master of the Hunt's encampment by the road to the west. Thick furs can be skinned from any number of beasts in and around Itä-mâ.

Kaj has asked for your help obtaining certain items he needs to prepare for his ritual.

Kaj: 'Have you gathered the items I requested yet?'
Ida: 'We keep supplies here for the use of all Lumi-väki. As Kaj and Ora both speak for you, you may take what you need.
'Altti? He is at Niko's camp. Follow the road to the west, and it will be on the north side.'
Altti: 'Who are you and what do you want?
'Kaj sent you? I am not sure what that boy thinks he is doing, having me lend one of my own sledges to a Sivullinen.
'Take it, but tell Kaj it will go very hard with him if anything happens to it!'

Objective 2

  • Return the ritual components to Kaj

Kaj is in Pynti-peldot in Forochel.

You have collected the ritual components and should return to Kaj.

Kaj: 'Ah, excellent! Now we can truly begin.'