Quest:A Plague of Lizards

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A Plague of Lizards
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Tinúriel
Starts at Echad Dúnann
Start Region Eregion
Map Ref [50.5S, 7.9W]
Quest Group Eregion
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'This land was once filled with the beautiful music of birds. Squirrels played in the heather, and deer wandered the hill-slopes of the mountains. But they are all silent now, driven off or killed by the invading evils.

'When the half-orcs and Uruk-hai of Saruman came, they brought with them foul creatures, none more destructive than the Lizards in Ulundín, near the southern tip of Emyn Naer. They sneak into trees and eat birds, find the unsuspecting squirrel in the holly-bush, even catch the mighty deer unaware in the mountains.

'Go south-west into Ulundín and slay these creatures. If they are driven from the land, perhaps the wild inhabitants of Eregion will return in time.'


Great lizards have been eating many of the small creatures of Eregion, stripping the land of much of its beauty.

Objective 1

  • Defeat lizards (0/14)

Lizards can be found in Ulundín in the southern tip of Emyn Naer, south-west of Echad Dúnann.

Tinúriel has asked that you slay the lizards who have been killing off the native creatures of Eregion.

Tinúriel: 'You can find the lizards in the southern tip of Emyn naer in the area know as Ulundin.'

Objective 2

Tinúriel is at Echad Dúnann, north-east of Ulundín.

You should return to Tinúriel and inform her that you have slain many lizards.

Tinúriel: 'You have killed many of the lizards, <name>, but there are many more yet to be driven forth. Perhaps someday soon, as the Elves count the days, we will hear the song of birds and the soft feet of rabbits again in Eregion.'