Quest:A Perfect Feather

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A Perfect Feather
Level 36
Type Solo
Starts with Narlinn
Starts at Bruinen Gorges
Start Region The Trollshaws
Map Ref [33.2S, 16.4W]
Ends with Arrod
Ends at Bruinen Gorges
End Region Trollshaws
Map Ref [33.8S, 14.6W]
Quest Group Trollshaws
Quest Chain An Elf-swain's Lament
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'My friend Arrod watches from the heights above the road, guarding the path to Thorenhad. Fimgris and I have seen trolls wandering towards that path in the night, and I fear for Arrod's safety. He is a skillful archer, surely able to defend against a single troll, but against more? I do not think that even Arrod would survive the encounter.

'Normally, Arrod would send his companion Caledhroval to provide us with regular reports, but I have seen naught of the bird in days. Neither Fimgris nor I can leave our post...would you seek out Arrod and learn if he is well? You need but travel a small distance east to the white marker stone and take the road north. Leave the road to the right as soon as you may and circle back upon the cliff. You should find him among the ruins there.'


Unable to leave her post, Narlinn is concerned for her friend, Arrod, whom she has not heard from in days.

Objective 1

  • Find the white marker stone indicating the path to Thorenhad

Arrod is encamped in the Bruinen Gorges, upon the cliff overlooking the road eastward from Narlinn's camp. Narlinn told you to seek the white marker stone pointing towards the road north to Thorenhad, then take the road and turn aside to the right of the path and circle back to the cliff.

Narlinn has not received any reports from her friend Arrod in days and has asked you to seek him out and learn if he is well.

Objective 2

Arrod is keeping watch over the Bruinen Gorges from his vantage point near ruins over the road.

Narlinn has not received any reports from her friend Arrod in days and has asked you to seek him out and learn if he is well.

Arrod: 'Narlinn sent you? I am not surprised. I have been unable to send her any reports for several days, for my friend and companion Caledhroval, whom I usually dispatch with messages, has been missing.
'I sent Caledhroval out to scout the Gorges a few days ago, and he never returned. I did, however, sight a hendroval returning to its nest not far from here. I fear the worst, for I saw that the bird bore something in its talons. It may have simply been a rodent, but I doubt it. Hendrevail are oft used by the Enemy as spies, and I think it more likely that Caledhroval fell prey to the creature.
'I cannot leave my post to investigate...would you do so in my stead? I must know if Caledhroval still lives. The nest was on the other side of those rocks to the east.'

Objective 3

  • Search the hendroval-nest

The hendroval made its nest among the rocks to the east of Arrod's post.

Fearing for his bird, Caledhroval, Arrod has asked you to search the nest of the hendroval he saw for any evidence of what it might have brought back from its hunt.

You have found a brightly-coloured feather

Objective 4

  • Bring the feather to Arrod

You found a brightly-coloured feather among the contents of the hendroval's nest. You should return to Arrod at his vantage point near ruins over the road and tell him of your discovery.

Arrod: 'You found this feather in the hendroval's nest? Then my fear has come true -- Caledhroval must have fallen prey to this ferocious bird...'