Quest:A Guiding Blade

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A Guiding Blade
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Irodon
Starts at Halach
Start Region Upper Lebennin
Map Ref [81.9S, 26.3W]
Quest Chain Tumladen
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Even after so many attacks, we still know little of the plans of the Haradrim aside from their slow advance across the Erui to the East.

'I have seen their captains, or however they are named among their people, bearing small missives during their assaults on Halach. I do not know if these are letters they have seized from settlements they have already razed or their orders from some unseen master, but I wish to know... for the good of all in Lebennin and beyond.

'You are a hale <class>, and can stand against the Haradrim! If you seek out their leaders near the banks of the Erui, you might be able to relieve them of these missives... and shed some light on their designs for Gondor.'


The leaders of the Haradrim forces in Upper Lebennin bear vile missives from the Enemy detailing their plans for Gondor.

Objective 1

  • Retrieve a missive from a Haradrim war-leader near the Erui

Haradrim war-leaders can be found along the banks of the Erui in eastern Upper Lebennin.

Irodon has asked you to seek out any orders the Haradrim war-leaders might bear.

You have found a missive and should now examine it!

Objective 2

  • Read the missive to the Haradrim

The letter can be found in your inventory.

You have discovered orders carried by one of the Haradrim war-leaders and should now read it.

Orders from Minas Morgul:
The Morgul-host
Servants of Sauron the Great,
The hour has come for our greatest triumph! The City of Stars has fallen, and our advance waits only on the darkness of dawn. Our force is vast and grows greater by the day. If you seek the spoils of victory and the favour of the Great Eye, you will travel at once to Osgiliath and rally with the Morgul-host. The Men of Gondor have lost all but the armour they bear, and so thin has it worn that none may stand in the path of our Host and live.
The missive tells of a great host gathering within the ruins of Osgiliath!

Objective 3

  • Deliver the missive to Irodon

Irodon can be found in Halach in southeastern Upper Lebennin.

You have uncovered the plans of the Haradrim in Upper Lebennin as well as Enemy's plans for Osgiliath. You should now return to Irodon in Halach.

Irodon: 'These are grim tidings, <name>...
'This missive fills me with dread, and I ask that you take it away from me. Do with it what you will, but remove it from my sight!
'The Lady must be told of this... I only hope she can send word to the Steward in time!'